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What is Pat’s commentary for the week of June 9, 2020

Article Excerpt

Last week we published our latest quarterly client letter, which we sent to our portfolio- management clients in April. In it, we talked about the evolution of drug stocks as investments. We explained why we mostly stayed out of drug stocks for much of the past two decades, and why we now feel the environment for drug stock investment has improved a great deal. In fact, we now expect to see many great investment opportunities in drug stocks throughout the 2020s. You could say this is related to COVID-19, but it was going to happen anyway, due to regulatory and research developments that were already underway. COVID-19 simply gave it a boost. (Click here to see the letter). We do think the drug industry will enjoy great success in this coming decade. But, due to the nature of the business, results will vary widely and unpredictably from one drug company to another. Drug stocks suffer from high volatility and fierce competition. It still…

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