Topic: How To Invest

What is Pat’s commentary for the week of March 10, 2020

Article Excerpt

Special Market Report: Coronavirus Today’s Inner Circle Q&A features a special report from Pat on the current state of the stock market in light of the coronavirus, and its impact on your investments. Please read on for Pat’s thoughtful and practical views on what investors should consider in times like this. In a sudden and deep stock-market drop like the one of the past few weeks, it’s all too easy to respond impulsively or go to extremes. You may feel a temptation to sell all your stocks and “wait for things to settle down” before going back in the market. Or you may feel an urge to “average down”: buy more of your biggest losers. That way you lower their average cost, even if you have to borrow. When you’re tempted to do something like that, it’s best to get re-acquainted with the first principles of investing. Like a lot of great thinking, the first-principles idea goes back to Aristotle, the pioneering Greek…

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