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What is Pat’s commentary for the week of March 19, 2019

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A recent letter from a member asked a question that touched on a number of topics of wide current interest. Q: Hi, Pat: I enjoy your newsletters and appreciate the research that you do. I use your recommendations when choosing holdings for my portfolio. I’m 74 years old and still farming but cutting back significantly. I look for safe, conservative stocks that pay reliable dividends. Consequently, we hold some utilities, banks and major resource companies. Recently I came across a presentation on the Internet about “disruptive” technologies. For one, it claimed that solar power is just getting started and that electric, autonomous vehicles will change everything. I’m interested in your thoughts. A: Let’s look first at electric vehicles: It may take years or decades before the market for electric cars moves beyond a niche segment where buyers are willing to overlook cost and performance limitations. This already-small pool of buyers could shrink if government support for plug-in cars is cut back or ends altogether. In…