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What is Pat’s commentary for the week of March 24, 2020

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Note–this is part of a continuing Inner Circle Spotlight Report: The Successful Investor Guide to Bear Market Investing Like a lot of beginning investors, I took an early interest in “market lore”—rules for making money in the stock market. These rules aim to tell you how to spot good stocks to buy, good times to buy or sell them, how much to pay, etc. Most of these have gone through periods of success, of course—they seemed to work, so they attracted a following. None worked consistently, however. Market rules like these try to make sense of statistics that are subject to a large random influence. When they succeed, it reflects a series of coincidences. (One of our first principles on investing is that random events tend to occur in bunches.) However, some rules are valuable because they help you recognize what’s going on with processes related to transactions and markets. The most consistently valuable rule I ever came across was the one about…

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