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What is Pat’s commentary for the week of May 2, 2023

Article Excerpt

This week’s Spotlight analysis of Alimentation Couche-Tard shows that the potentially risky tactic of growth-by-acquisition can pay off nicely when a well-managed company applies that strategy conservatively in a fragmented industry with low-risk takeover opportunities. We first recommended Alimentation Couche-Tard in December 2008, at $15.50 a share. Since then, the company has split its shares twice—3-for-1 in 2014 and then 2-for-1 in 2019. That brings your cost down to $2.58 a share—and gives you a tremendous 2,502.7% gain! Meanwhile, the company’s outlook remains positive, and we think the shares can go a lot higher. Couche-Tard’s growth by acquisition (more on that below, including its most recent European purchase) adds risk. However, the company has a history of successfully integrating its purchases and increasing sales for those new locations. We asked our Successful Investor research department to draw up this Inner Circle Spotlight report on the stock. It focuses on the careful approach that the company took in building its empire, and the strong…