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What is Pat’s commentary for the week of November 1, 2022

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A key aspect of our Successful Investor approach is looking for stocks with hidden or underappreciated assets. Those assets include, for example, undervalued real estate holdings as well as the high research spending of technology companies. Hidden assets also come in the form of businesses that a company can sell or spin off to unlock value for investors. For instance, when Thomson Reuters was faced with strong competition from Bloomberg’s stock information terminals in 2018, it sold a majority stake in its financial data business to private equity firm Blackstone Group. The partners then agreed to merge that business with the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Thomson continues to sell the shares in LSE that it received. That has given it more cash to invest in its remaining legal, tax and accounting information businesses. The company has also been able to reward its investors with higher dividends and share buybacks. I asked our Successful Investor research department to draw up this Inner Circle Spotlight…