This gold tilts the odds in your favour

Article Excerpt

Right now, top gold stocks like Barrick offer you a classic heads-you-win-tails-you-break-even kind of opportunity. Under the heads scenario, you should make an attractive return over the next five or 10 years; under the tails scenario, you should make an even more attractive return. This stock is a Power Buy. Barrick and other top gold-mining companies look better now than at any other time in the past several years: For one, they’ve taken steps to cut their mining costs and expand their gold output; two, their shares have been poor performers since around 1990, while the rest of the market shot up. This makes them cheap despite their recent surge. Since May, gold has jumped to six-year highs. Barrick stock has climbed 53% over that time. We’re confident it has much more growth to offer investors. Why? If inflation rises these next few years (a clear possibility), gold stocks will attract new interest to keep pushing up prices. If gold-loving markets in…

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