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Pat McKeough is one of Canada’s most respected safe-money advisors. As early as 1980 he was recognized as #1 in the world of published investment advice by the Washington, DC based Newsletter Publishers Association.

Pat has profitably guided his readers through the crash of 1987, the downturn of 2001—2003, the 2007—2009 market crisis, and, most recently, the March 2020 stock market plunge as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A best-selling Canadian author, he wrote Riding the Bull, his 1993 book that predicted the stock market boom that happened later in the decade. He expanded on that advice in his second book, Surviving Canada’s Separation Anxiety: Taking Control of Your Financial Future. And his most recent offering, Pat McKeough’s Successful Investor Toolkit gathers all his insights and experience into one book that gives readers a precise, straightforward look and sound rules for successful investing.

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Dear investor,

Many investment advisors say be ready to profit when opportunity knocks.

I say opportunity is always knocking. You just have to know when and how to act. When you act on the right stocks, the profits can be staggering.

I have helped many investors do just that. And I can help you.

My name is Pat McKeough. And I’d like to give you two examples of how I was able to help investors make profitable choices in an uncertain market.

The markets kept on rising

In the summer of 2009, the stock market had rallied off its March lows. Many cautioned that it was time to pause. I disagreed.

“This is an extremely attractive time to buy,” I said.

Investors who followed my advice were about to reap a rich harvest. The markets kept on rising. Many good stocks that had been down rebounded and rewarded investors.

Meanwhile, in March 2020, stock markets plunged as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. But I said then that if people around the world went all in on bracing for the future harm the disease could cause, they might cut way down on its actual physical and economic costs. With that in mind—and combined with a global unleashing of modern medicine and technology— I said that I was beginning to think that the bulk of the damage to the stock market might be behind us……and that it was a good time to buy top-quality stocks.

Sure enough, stock markets soon began rallying, and have continue to move up ever since!

It wasn’t difficult to make these calls. I have many years of experience in the markets. More important, I have developed a consistent approach over those years.

That approach to investing has worked over and over again in good markets and bad. I can trust it, and so can the investors who rely on my advice. You will find it in The Successful Investor, my flagship advisory.

My approach to investing is conservative. It puts a premium on safety. Yet it has given investors just like you spectacular gains on many stocks that have soared.

This is no contradiction. It makes perfect sense when you follow a proven system of investing that has made money consistently in every kind of market.

You can try this system with an introductory subscription to The Successful Investor for one full year (12 issues). I will also send you 6 Special Bonus Reports FREE—including my exclusive Investor’s Guide.

But first, let me give you a specific example of how we go about making the successful stock recommendations our readers receive in The Successful Investor.

How we uncover winning stocks for investors

Winning stocks that go on a surge are not always lesser-known up-and-coming companies. They can just as easily be well-established stocks that have receded or have hidden value that the markets have not yet fully recognized. Or perhaps they’re tapped into emerging trends that promise strong gains.

We saw a lot of potential in our #1 Canadian Aggressive Stock for 2023, CGI Inc.  (Toronto symbol GIB.A). CGI was in a strong position to keep rising as businesses continued to shift their computing needs to cloud platforms. That gave the company a solid contract backlog of $24.06 billion, or 1.87 times its annual revenue. What’s more, about half of its revenue came from long-term contracts (a typical contract is longer than five years). That makes it harder for clients to switch to rival providers of outsourcing services.

We also said that investors could expect the company’s earnings to rise 8.8%, from $6.13 a share in fiscal 2022 to $6.67 for 2023—and the shares traded at an attractive 17.2 times that 2023 estimate.

CGI began a strong rise almost right away, and rose over 39% to a new all-time high just over a year later.

Let me stress this again. My approach is not a stock-picking circus in which we simply advocate going out on a tightrope in search of high-risk growth stocks.

In fact, many consider it the safest stock investing system in Canada.

It is based on the old-fashioned virtues of value and diversification.

Next, I’ll tell you exactly what sets my stock-picking system apart.

Outsized profits, minimal losses

Your goal is to achieve the greatest possible gains with the maximum safety. My goal is to give you a combination of outsized profits and minimal losses.

Some insist you should have nothing but blue chip stocks and others would have you load up on hot growth stocks.

But you only build real wealth when you have the best of both.

I believe no portfolio is sound without a foundation of solid dividend-paying stocks. But I also believe every portfolio is incomplete without the fast-growing stocks that earn you big capital gains.

My approach is designed to give you the greatest chance of success by alerting you to the best stocks in both categories. It is based on three principles from which I never vary.

  1. Invest mainly in well-established companies; they have the experience to survive and prosper despite setbacks.
  2. Spread your money out across the five main economic sectors; in any setback, some sectors do much better than others.
  3. Downplay or avoid stocks in the broker/media limelight; that’s where failed predictions can do the most damage to your finances.

Not all dividend-paying blue chips will give you equally strong results (and some have been known to fail spectacularly even though shareholders trusted them wholeheartedly for years.)

And the “hot” stocks hyped by brokers and the media are liable to enrich the people promoting them much more than they enrich you. Most investors get in after the best gains have already been made.

I look hard for value in both kinds of stocks. A lot of people simply assume there is value in blue chip stocks. But some have much more powerful growth in store than others, along with those welcome dividends. Other so-called “blue chips” are riding more on past reputation than present performance.

Many people also assume that you have to get lucky with hot growth stocks— catch lightning in a bottle—in order to make big gains. Yet my approach has turned up spectacular winners time after time.

Luck is the residue of design, one famous executive said. I work hard so that you don’t have to be lucky. You can count on me to find the value that makes a stock a solid pick, not a gamble.

In fact, a well-known stock can turn into a hot growth stock under the right conditions. Or it can be taken over—and we have had an exceptional history of recommending takeover stocks. In 2023, for instance, our pick Home Capital Group was taken over by Smith Financial Corp. Home Capital shares jumped a stellar 58% right after the takeover offer was made!

Ultimately, it is the quality of the stock that counts. When we search out potentially hot growth stocks, we look for established companies with hidden value that the market hasn’t yet recognized, not start-ups or stock promotions.

How my 3-part approach works for you

If you keep your portfolio properly diversified, you will cut your losses and increase your gains. Anyone can tell you that, really.

But the losses will be less and the gains will be much greater when you have covered the different sectors of the economy.

Stocks can be classified in many different ways, but there are really only five categories that make sense for investors:

My personal Money-Back Guarantee

Your introductory subscription to The Successful Investor is backed by my iron-clad Money-Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may cancel at any time, and I will refund 100% of your subscription fee on unused issues.

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  1. Manufacturing and industry
  2. Resources and commodities
  3. Utilities
  4. Finance
  5. Consumer goods and services

These sectors have their own characteristics. Over the years, their performance is predictable.

Finance and utilities are the most stable and offer some of the highest yields.

Manufacturing and resource stocks are the most volatile and cyclical. Consumer stocks fall somewhere in between.

As a general principle, you should have stocks in all 5 sectors. How you distribute those stocks will depend on the amount of risk you’re willing to accept and how much current income you need.

My job is to help you do this by finding precisely the right stocks for your needs. Whether you’re more conservative or more aggressive, you will find stocks in The Successful Investor that will suit those needs.

The two big benefits of a successful portfolio

Always keep this in mind. A successful portfolio will do two things.

First, it will weather economic downturns. A good dividend paying stock will keep sending you those cheques even if the shares are lagging. Second, good stocks are the first to take off when the economy and the markets rebound.

Good stocks suffer through no fault of their own during a sell-off. They have the built-in value to rebound. Better still, you can buy these stocks or add more shares at discount prices while the market’s down.

You must also know how to get rid of junk. For instance, if a supposedly reliable stock slashes or eliminates its dividend in times of trouble, it’s probably been masquerading as a solid stock and trying to hide some festering problems on the balance sheet.

With my time-tested system, I will help you put together a successful portfolio by separating the wheat from the chaff before you buy.

I will also let you in on two of the secrets I have for selecting the right stocks.

The pitfalls of the earnings report

The investment world responds to earnings reports. Shares rise and fall almost instantaneously on a good or bad report. It is certainly in the interests of a company to make its earnings look as attractive as possible.

And many will do anything they can to dress up their reports. That makes earnings reports inherently unreliable right from the start.

There are plenty of accounting manoeuvres—deductions for goodwill, depreciation and so forth—that can make the numbers look better than they actually are. I don’t let those numbers distract me from the company’s real bottom line.

But it’s also true that a company with a disappointing earnings report is sometimes giving a more honest—and appealing—picture of its prospects.

If that company is working diligently to solve temporary problems, or taking one expensive step backward in order to take several very profitable steps forward, it is probably a better investment than a company with a flashy but suspect report.

A good example is grocery giant Loblaw (Toronto symbol L). In 2010 the company was plagued with problems in its warehouses and its computer network as well as disappointing results from its new superstores. Yet it had a number of assets, including the strength of its brand name and the enormous value of its real estate holdings (a classic case of the “hidden value” we talk about in the next section). Loblaw undertook an extensive program of capital upgrades to its supply network, computers and stores.

Then in 2013 it converted its real estate holdings into a real estate investment trust called Choice Properties REIT (Toronto symbol CHP.UN). Another positive for investors was the 2018 transfer of Loblaw’s stake in Choice Properties to its parent company, George Weston Ltd. (Toronto symbol WN). That let it better focus on its main retailing operations.

We turned Loblaw from a hold to a buy in July 2011. Meantime, all those moves resulted in the stock beginning a steady rise soon after—and left it in a great position to prosper during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently.

In fact, the stock is now at all-time highs—and it’s up a spectacular 299.0% since that buy recommendation.

It is my job to pull back the curtain and to separate substance from show.

The virtues of hidden value

Just as reported earnings don’t really tell us how profitable a company is, its balance sheet doesn’t always reveal the true value of its assets.

Some of a company’s most valuable assets—like its so-called intellectual property—are carried on its books at nominal amounts.

That includes patents, customer lists, brand names and so forth. The most famous case is undoubtedly that of Coca-Cola , which reputedly carries its “secret formula” on its books at one dollar. It also includes real estate, which is carried on the books at the original price and fails to reflect its current market value (as seen very clearly above in the example of Loblaw).

Similarly, the books can’t tell you about a company’s crucial market position, or a long-standing customer base to which it can sell new products and services.

I seek out these hidden assets. And readers of The Successful Investor have made remarkable profits over the years from companies with these assets.

Now here is what you get when you accept my risk-free subscription to The Successful Investor.

The Successful Investor — a full advisory service and more

When you receive The Successful Investor, you get all the information and advice you need to make money safely in today’s changing and often challenging markets. The full service consists of:

Your Monthly Advisory. You will see clearly just how to put together a successful and balanced portfolio. Above all, you get honest buy and sell recommendations. There is no waffling or broker-speak. I tell you exactly what I think of a stock. Whether it is a buy or a sell, I give you a candid picture of its strengths and weaknesses. You have all the information you need to act with confidence. Every month, you get a clear-cut explanation of how these stocks are reacting to the market and the economy, all written in straightforward, understandable English.

E-mail Hotline. You get regular updates on the stocks we cover. My approach does not call for frequent trading, which can be costly for investors. But events occur between issues that require you to take immediate action. With our hotlines, you always know when and how to act.

You get monthly portfolio updates that track the progress of previous recommendations so you see at a glance how well you’re doing. You also see just how each investment fits into your portfolio strategy. I help you make the most of that strategy with three portfolios that represent three different levels of risk tolerance.

Conservative Growth Portfolio. This is the core of our service. This is where you should invest the bulk of your stock market money. It holds many major Canadian companies, although some big names are missing—it takes more than mere size or popularity with brokers to win a place in this portfolio.

Portfolio for Income Seeking Investors. This portfolio has high standards of safety and stringent tests for inclusion. Income investors trust it, and they have been rewarded. The yields range from 2.7% all the way to over 8%. And the stocks have risen in price as well, with eye-opening gains as high as 1,706% since we made our recommendations.

Aggressive Growth Portfolio. Many of the companies in this portfolio eventually make it to the Conservative Growth Portfolio, but they need to prove themselves a little longer before they get the upgrade to that portfolio. That means they’re more uncertain than our Conservative Growths stocks, but it also means they have more room to soar to mind-boggling gains.

Access to Previous Hotlines and Back Issues. Included with your subscription, you also have access to all previous hotlines—you have a complete backlog of advice on the stocks we’re following. You also receive the past 10 years of back issues for The Successful Investor at no extra cost whatsoever. You have a library of knowledge on Canada’s leading stocks at your fingertips. You’re never in the dark when it comes to making important investment decisions.

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In recent years, investors have been faced with worldwide financial crisis, economic worry and challenging markets. Yet those who were able to take a calm, informed approach to the market were able to hold their ground—and be ready to reap the most profitable opportunities when the markets rebounded. It is for this reason you should not be without my proven, conservative approach to investing that helps you protect your money even as it uncovers exceptional opportunities for profit—whatever the markets are doing. There is no better time to take advantage of this very special offer and begin your subscription to The Successful Investor now.

Yours for safe and profitable investing,
Pat McKeough Editor,

The Successful Investor