Many Canadians have turned to Pat McKeough’s wealth management services.


Here is what he and his investment team can do for you.

Dear Fellow Investor,

You may be very comfortable looking after your own investments.

Many of our wealth management clients were. Yet for various reasons they decided that they would rather have us do it.

Many were already applying our advice to their investments. They subscribed to one or more of my investment newsletters, or were Members of my Inner Circle investment group.

Others were recommended to us by current clients and, ready to free up their time for other uses, brought their investments to us.

What all of these people expected was an approach to investing that is thoughtful, methodical, conservative, and reliable.

And they got it.

They trust our judgement. You can, too.

Many wealth management firms offer security and peace of mind, but they are rarely clear on just how they are going to achieve it for you.

That is why so many of our prospective clients are confident when they come to see us. They know the system of investing we practice, so they trust our judgement.

While our investment approach requires a good deal of time and research on our part, it is straightforward and easy to grasp. And it has a record of successful returns behind it.

It is grounded in our three-part investment philosophy, which you will see in more detail below. More fundamentally, it is based on protecting your money at all times, especially in times of economic and market stress, and making it grow whenever opportunities are good.

As I mentioned above, many investors have been able to use our approach on their own, with our research and advice, quite successfully. But ultimately, many feel that no one can put our system to work better than we can.

Still, when they come to see us, they find that we take nothing for granted.

We collaborate with you from the beginning

When you talk to us at Successful Investor Wealth Management, we start by listening to what you have to say. We collaborate with you from the beginning.

We have a successful approach and years of experience in wealth management. But that experience only works for you when we tailor it to your needs.

This is where we differ from so many other wealth management firms. Many tend to push investors into prefabricated plans, or into investments that may be more convenient and lucrative for the broker or advisor than for the client.

We often hear from prospective clients who have put their investments in other hands. They feel they have been squeezed into the wrong investments for the wrong reasons for far too long, and have heard that we do things differently. They usually find it’s a great relief to talk to us.

We select investments for each client based solely on what we think will work for them. Naturally, this takes time, as it should. And our clients tell us that it’s time well spent. We put together a customized plan, and the results follow.

The simple secrets to building wealth

You want your money to be safe. You want your money to grow.

The two statements above sum up the aim of almost every Canadian investor I know.

And those are the simple promises I make to my Successful Investor Wealth Management clients. We do everything we can to safeguard their money and make it grow.

My team and I take a conservative approach based on four decades of investment success.

We know that a safety-first strategy is the only reliable way to build wealth.

It is the best way to protect your capital and earn substantial, growing returns without taking unnecessary risks. We employ the same three principles that have formed the core of my investment philosophy for my entire career:

  1. Your money is in high-quality investments. We invest your money in mainly well-established companies that have a history of earnings, if not dividends, plus sound balance sheets and other important factors that tend to help a company survive unexpected setbacks.
  2. Your investments are diversified for greater strength and safety. We spread your money out across most, if not all, of the 5 main sectors of the economy – Manufacturing & Industry, Resources & Commodities, the Consumer sector, Finance and Utilities. By using this approach, we increase the odds that the stronger stocks in your portfolio will tend to offset, if not overwhelm, the weaker ones. (You also increase your chances of coming across a market superstar—a stock that does two to three or more times better than the market average.)
  3. You stay out of stocks in the broker/media limelight. Investors can build up unrealistic expectations for stocks in the limelight. When broker/media favourites fail to live up to those expectations, they drop much further than they would have if they had been less widely followed. We downplay or avoid these stocks altogether.

Once this approach is in place—and it has been my approach for four decades—picking stocks is a matter of concentrated research, rigorously sifting through stock after stock. We apply our experience and knowledge to earnings, management, a company’s position within its industry, its hidden assets and all the other factors that will determine its ability to reward investors.

We are really looking for two things: Will that company continue to make money for years to come, and will it be able to withstand setbacks in its industry and in the markets?

In other words, our goal is simple, but not easy.

Uncommon rates of return

As a client, your investments will benefit from this thorough, informed approach.

Our years of research have produced a select list of stocks that meet our stringent criteria.

We have pared the 6,500 or so stocks on the North American markets to a little over 200 that we recommend in our newsletters. Only 40 to 50 of these stocks are under consideration for our wealth management clients.

We know these stocks well. We can see which ones may fit in any portfolio, based on the individual needs and goals of each client.

When we build a portfolio, we rely on quality, not quantity. We establish the right number of stocks for you, then follow a strategy we call “buy and watch carefully.”

Every portfolio will undergo some change, sometimes to meet a client’s needs, sometimes to accommodate a stock we believe will make a strong contribution to the portfolio. I approve every transaction that is made.

You also have every reason to be confident in the results.

Our Pooled Funds have enjoyed an average annual growth rates of between 8.9% and 11.6% (after fees are deducted) over the past 22 years. As you know, that covers several periods of severe downturns, including the stock market crisis of 2008 and the more recent market turmoil.

These are uncommon results. Any number of advisors or investors can ring up high returns for a year, or even two. But real wealth is built on steady returns that multiply over time. To sustain such a high rate of return over a decade and a half is very rare.

That is how we have gained the trust of our wealth management clients (and those results help account for the large number of people referred to us by existing clients).

We currently manage assets under management verging on $1 billion and growing.

What’s best for you

When you are a client of Successful Investor Wealth Management, you can trust us to do what’s best for you. When we have determined your financial goals and needs, we will put all of our experience toward meeting them.

  • At all times, we make sure your holdings are appropriate for your personal circumstances and goals.
  • Using the 3 time-tested principles of investing described above, we work to protect your money during periods of market turbulence, and help you profit when the market rises.
  • We keep a watchful eye over your investments. We only make trades that we believe will advance our clients’ interests.
  • Backed by my in-house team of investment experts, I personally approve every transaction made in your account. We are always happy to talk to you about your portfolio and answer your questions.

If you believe the next step in building the financial future you want is built on this kind of trust, I invite you to get in touch with us to learn more.

Get all the facts about Pat McKeough’s professional portfolio management services — without any cost or obligation.

Pat’s professional portfolio management services are ideal for conservative investors who want to devote their time to other uses, such as a business or travel, or want to make sure their families have competent financial management when they can no longer provide it. It is also perfect for those who have little interest or experience in investing.

When you talk to us, we’ll ask you about your investment objectives and carefully explain our investment philosophy and strategy. We will answer any questions you have.

I believe our wealth management services will pay for themselves many times over in higher profit and lower risk. You’ll also enjoy the comfort of knowing you have a professional investment manager working for you who has decades of experience…and an exceptional team of in-house experts.

If you think our portfolio management services may be right for you, get in touch with us. It won’t cost you a thing to find out more about what we can do.

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Wishing you a great return on your investments,
Pat McKeough,
Founder and President
Successful Investor Wealth Management Inc.

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