TSI Network is the online home of Pat McKeough’s highly successful family of investment publications, TSI The Successful Investor, TSI Stock Pickers Digest, TSI Wall Street Stock Forecaster and TSI Canadian Wealth Advisor. As well, TSI Network gives investors access to all of Pat’s daily updates online, or via email or RSS feed.

While most media outlets only cover the popular investment theories of the day, TSI Network goes beyond the headlines to get to the heart of what really affects you – the individual investor. The site is based on Pat’s rock-solid investing system and his unflinching focus on helping North American investors make the right choices for their own unique investment needs.

Pat is the editor and publisher of four investment advisories:

TSI The Successful Investor recommends high-quality, mostly Canadian stocks that will surge ahead in good markets and hold their own in the face of market declines. It focuses on low-risk stocks with strong profit and growth potential. Click here to learn more.

TSI Stock Pickers Digest focuses on the aggressive segment of the Canadian and U.S. markets, where risk is high, but the potential for profit is much greater. Tech stocks, small caps and junior mining and oil stocks are just some of the types of investments you’ll read about in TSI Stock Pickers Digest. The newsletter picks aggressive stocks, but at the same time it looks for above-average value, rising sales, good balance sheets and a strong hold on a growing market. Click here to learn more.

TSI Wall Street Stock Forecaster recommends high-quality U.S. stocks that will surge ahead in good markets and hold their own in the face of market declines. It helps investors build a well-balanced, diversified portfolio whatever their particular risk/reward level. The newsletter also gives a clear, easy-to-read analysis of how economic changes, political decisions and the Federal Reserve affect the markets in general, and your portfolio in particular. Click here to learn more.

TSI Canadian Wealth Advisor is published monthly and deals with “safe money” investments: exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real-estate investment trusts (REITs), income stocks, conservative large-capitalization stocks, RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, GICs and tax-advantaged investments. The newsletter also looks at financial planning, investment bargains (and rip-offs, too) and many other issues related to making more money with less risk. Click here to learn more.

A professional investment analyst for more than 25 years, Pat has developed a stock-selection technique that is proven reliable in both bull and bear markets. His proprietary System focuses on stocks that have exceptional quality at a relatively low price. It is considered by many savvy investors and industry leaders to be the most powerful stock-picking method ever created.

As early as 1980, Pat was recognized as #1 in the world of published investment advice by the Washington, DC–based Newsletter Publishers Association, and he was the first multi-year winner of The Globe and Mail‘s stock picking contest.

Both CBS MarketWatch and The Hulbert Financial Digest recognize Pat as one of North America’s top stock analysts. The Wall Street Journal calls him “one of only four investment newsletter advisors who have managed to serve their readers well over the long haul.”

A best-selling Canadian author, he wrote Riding the Bull, his 1993 book that predicted the 1990s stock-market boom. Through his many television appearances, he is well known to investors for his insightful analysis and his candid, unpretentious style.

Bottom line: Pat’s conservative, reduced-risk strategy is a proven approach to safe investing.

Pat has a proven track record of helping investors like you make money by finding low-risk, high-yield investment opportunities. To learn more about Pat’s investment advisories, click here.