NEW! Introducing the most remarkable collection of investment expertise ever assembled for Canadians

Announcing Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle Pro

Building on the success of his original private investment group, Pat McKeough introduces Inner Circle Pro . . . the most powerful, comprehensive collection of analysis, advice and recommendations ever offered to Canadians. You can become one of the best-informed investors in the world.

We recently launched two new investment newsletters unlike any others in Canada . . . and you will automatically get them as a Member of
Inner Circle Pro.

For 16 years, the Members of my private investment group, Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle, have held a special position.

They enjoy privileges for investors unmatched anywhere in Canada. And one of those privileges has proved be the most popular:

When Members have questions about investing or their investments, they can ask me and get my prompt personal reply.

And that’s just the beginning. Members also receive the four premium investment newsletters that have formed the basis of our advice and recommendations for many years: The Successful Investor, Power Growth Investor, Canadian Wealth Advisor, and Wall Street Stock Forecaster.

Time after time the stocks we recommend have doubled and even tripled investors’ money. Often when we made the call well ahead of many other advisors.

Like we did with Alimentation Couche-Tard (ACT.B), the Quebec convenience store chain that has done a brilliant job of making acquisitions pay off in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. When we made it our Stock of the Year for Stock Pickers Digest (now Power Growth Investor) in 2012 it rose more than 60% that year. And that was no isolated surge. The stock continues to shine. Since we first recommended it in 2008 it is up 1,042.3%

Other big successes come from well-known stocks that others have underrated. When Canadian Pacific (CP) brought in a new CEO under the pressure of activist investors, we foresaw a drive to unlock hidden value and made it our Stock of the Year. It gained more than 180% in the next two years. An investor who tucked this stock into his or her portfolio when we tabbed it as a buy in the first issue of The Successful Investor has seen it rise by 2,103.8%.

When tech stocks boomed two decades ago, we stuck to companies we foresaw as long-term winners, even though others were questioning their staying power: and Apple (AAPL), (AMZN) and Alphabet (GOOG) have all gone on to enormous gains.

But we also uncovered lesser-known names like cyber security specialist Symantec (SYMC), up more than 900% since we recommended it during the tech boom. And a Canadian tech consulting stock, CGI Group (GIB.A) that continues to be undervalued by many, but has still risen by more than 620% since we made it a buy less than a decade ago.

Success comes naturally, and often, with our focus on deep value in stocks. We only have space here for a few examples.

But as a Member of my advanced circle, you won’t miss a single opportunity to profit from our recommendations when you receive all the newsletters, special reports and email communications you get exclusively with your Membership.

And if you have a question about any investment opportunity, all you have to do is ask me.

Take an enormous step forward

Inner Circle Members enjoy many more privileges that magnify their prospects for investment success. What’s more, the price of Membership in this exclusive group has remained the same throughout the decade and a half of the Inner Circle’s existence.

Time and again, Inner Circle Members express their confidence in our thorough, thoughtful approach to investing and the success of our recommendations (in fact, many Inner Circle Members have ultimately entrusted us with the managing of their investment portfolios, as clients of our Successful Investor Wealth Management business).

Now we are building on these privileges and that confidence. We are multiplying the scope of our research, advice and recommendations. We are creating a source of investment expertise that goes far beyond anything ever offered to Canadians.

We have taken an enormous step forward. You can be one of the select group of Canadians that takes it along with us.

In a time of accelerated change in the economy and stock markets, my investment team and I are forging new tools for Canadian investors, including two new investment advisories launched in 2017.

Now, to bring investors the full value of this widely expanded research and advice, I have created a new, advanced investment group.

Inner Circle Pro will give you access to two new advisories including one we have just launched . . . as well as all of the privileges enjoyed for many years by Members of my Inner Circle.

To begin, Inner Circle Pro gives you immediate access to a new, groundbreaking newsletter from TSI Network. This very special publication is the only one of its kind in Canada, if not the entire planet. It is called Spinoffs & Takeovers.

“Spinoffs are the closest thing to a sure thing you can find in investing,” I have written more than once. History shows that both the spinoff and parent company typically outperform comparable stocks, frequently by a wide margin.

And TSI Network’s focus on research has helped us uncover an exceptionally high number of these special opportunities for Canadian investors, as experienced Inner Circle Members will already know from their own investing successes backed with our recommendations.

Spinoffs & Takeovers is devoted entirely to these unique investment opportunities, including potential takeovers (tracked with our proprietary Takeover Target Rating), the impact of activist investors on select stocks, and much more. In this advisory, you will see many stocks never covered in any of TSI Network’s current newsletters.

This one-of-a-kind monthly newsletter has a regular annual rate of $797. But as a Member of Inner Circle Pro, you will receive Spinoffs & Takeovers (and our special Hotline Updates) with your Membership for as long as you are with Inner Circle Pro.

Plus you also get our latest newsletter, another first for Canadians, Best ETFs for Canadian Investors. We have followed these remarkable investments from their early beginnings through their explosion in popularity. Better than any other source, we will show you how to get the most out of ETFs.

This unique newsletter gives you more insights and advice on the wide world of ETFs than anyone else, anywhere. You will see how they open up investment opportunities in every kind of investing: conservative, aggressive, international, for your savings plans and for hot trends in investing.

You discover which Canadian ETFs are best for your portfolio and how a selection of top U.S. ETFs can strengthen and diversify your investments. And you’ll see how to profit safely from the best stocks in rising emerging markets. Plus you get fascinating, in-depth looks at the ever-expanding variety of specialty ETFs (those that cover products for Millennials, Artificial Intelligence, Marijuana Stocks and many others).

The regular annual rate for subscribers to this exceptional publication is $149. But as a Member of Inner Circle Pro, you will receive Best ETFs for Canadian Investors as part of your Membership for as long as you remain with Inner Circle Pro.

These two recently-launched newsletters come to you along with these premium newsletters:

The Successful Investor our flagship advisory and the cornerstone of our conservative investment philosophy. We cover the 50 stocks—most of them dividend payers—that can form the core of a growing, well-balanced Canadian portfolio, with three portfolios that help you make your choices: Income-Seeking Investors, Conservative Growth and Aggressive Growth.

Power Growth Investor our special advisory for more aggressive investing. The secret of our success is a conservative approach to aggressive investing. By seeking out hidden value—still-unlocked assets that aren’t always visible on the balance sheet—we uncover stocks that are ripe to rise. We currently cover 62 of the best growth stocks in North America.

Canadian Wealth Advisor our safety-conscious advisory, created on the understanding that investments assembled with the least possible risk can produce the most enduring long-term growth. We cover 70 securities: dividend-paying stocks that hold up best in troubled markets and recover first in good markets. Plus the best exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to anchor a strong, safe portfolio.

Wall Street Stock Forecaster is the advisory launched to fulfill an important need in Canadian portfolios. We believe every Canadian investor will profit more fully with 20% to 30% of their portfolios in U.S. stocks, adding tremendous gains in growth and diversification. We follow the 95 best stocks from the world’s richest market, with three portfolios that help you make your choices: Income-Seeking Investors, Conservative Growth and Aggressive Growth.

TSI Dividend Advisor is a runaway success. Launched in 2016, TSI Dividend Advisor immediately became a big hit with investors and the investment media. More and more Canadians are turning to this unique publication. At the heart of its appeal is our proprietary rating system, our Dividend Sustainability Ratings, which answer the all-important question: will a stock keep on paying, and raising, its dividend?

There is still more to look forward to—much more. You will be first in line as we continue to release the results of our extensive, ongoing research.

Only Inner Circle Pro Members will automatically receive all of this research, advice and information as soon as it is released, entirely included in your Membership.

Before I tell you what else is coming your way as a Member of Inner Circle Pro, look what you’re getting right away:

The Successful Investor………………………………………annually $189.00

Power Growth Investor…………………….…………..……..annually $297.00

Canadian Wealth Advisor…………………………………….annually $169.00

Wall Street Stock Forecaster………………………………..  annually $199.00

TSI Dividend Advisor……………………………………….annually $297.00

Spinoffs & Takeovers………………………………………..annually $797.00

Best ETFs for Canadian Investors………………………….annually $149.00

Special Reports………………………….…………..average annual value $117.00

Quarterly Wealth Management Reports……………………annual value $100.00

Weekly Q&A email service…………………………………..annual value $260.00

A total annual value of $2,574.00

Your Inner Circle Pro Membership fee includes all this….

PLUS Pat’s personal advice, which we can’t really put a price on and which many Members consider priceless (although personal investment advice like this would cost many thousands on the open market).

PLUS immediate access to a special Inner Circle Concierge for questions and guidance about your Membership.

PLUS your unlimited subscription to the incomparable newsletter on Spinoffs & Takeovers.

What investors like you are thinking

All of this is added to the privileges that Inner Circle Members have enjoyed for years and that are fully included in Inner Circle Pro Membership. In today’s changing, often tumultuous times for the economy and the markets, you can expect to get much more out of all these privileges

You receive my answers to your investment questions

The most popular feature of Membership: You get my prompt answers to your individual questions. Ask me anything you’d like about stocks, the markets, the economy or investment strategies. Your questions get top priority. That includes questions about stocks that haven’t been covered in our advisories.

. . . and my weekly commentary and answers to Members’ questions

You get my weekly commentaries on the markets, the economy and investment strategies. And in the same email you will see my answers to questions Inner Circle and Inner Circle Pro Members are asking. You get to see what investors just like you are thinking.

. . . A new investment advisory that is unlike any other in Canada
plus the first look at all your advisories

You are first to see the current issue of every one of your advisories. You, as an Inner Circle Pro Member, will have each new issue of these advisories sent to you as soon as it is ready. You will have first view of weekly Hotlines and first peek at our Top Picks of the Year.

. . . and complimentary Advisory Reports for all publications

You receive every Advisory Report written for each of our newsletters. We regularly send bonus Special Reports to new subscribers. And we update these reports frequently, so they always contain our latest advice and recommendations.

These reports range in value from $19 to $39. As an Inner Circle Pro Member, you will get them all at no cost.

. . . Plus all new Special Investment Reports

You also get each new Special Investment Report as it is written. These Reports serve as timely guides to new trends, changes in the global economy and new opportunities for investors.

Often new reports are offered to investors as a bonus for new subscriptions. But you will get every one of them free — even before new subscribers do.

. . . and an expanded Members-only website

You have access to an exclusive Members-only password-protected website that is even more extensive than that available to Inner Circle Members.

As soon as you become a Member of Inner Circle Pro, you will have private access to this special Membership section of our TSI Network website.

This extensive Membership section brings you a large number of benefits that are not available elsewhere and would cost thousands of dollars to acquire individually. You get:

  • Complete archives of past questions from our Members.
  • An easy-to-access forum in which you can get answers to your own questions from me and my team.
  • Complete archives of all past issues of all of our investment advisories
  • Complete archives of all of my Special Reports.
  • First-look access for every new Special Report I write.

Wealth Management Quarterly Reports

You get exclusive access to the quarterly analyses we send to our portfolio management clients, for whom we manage hundreds of millions of dollars. Only you and our clients get to see these inside reports.

PLUS Your Concierge Service

You also have exclusive access to your Inner Circle Concierge. Your Concierge is ready with the answers whenever you have questions about any of the services that come with your Inner Circle Pro Membership. And if you have any comments on our service, your Concierge will pass them directly on to me. You have a special number for your Concierge that is available only to Members.

Assuring your future

You have undoubtedly seen many changes in the economic and investment climate over the years. 16 years ago, I founded my Inner Circle to help Canadian investors get the firmest possible grasp of the future with inside access to our advice, research and recommendations.

Now you can take a decisive step toward assuring your economic future and financial well-being. You can accept my personal invitation to become a Member of Inner Circle Pro and receive privileged access to all of the advice, research and recommendations we have to give.

Remember, you will be getting all of the following:

  • The Successful Investor
  • Power Growth Investor
  • Canadian Wealth Advisor
  • Wall Street Stock Forecaster
  • Dividend Advisor
  • Spinoffs & Takeovers
  • Best ETFs for Canadian Investors
  • Special Reports
  • Quarterly Wealth Management Reports
  • Weekly Q&A email service

To repeat: that’s a total value of $2,574. But remember, that’s not all. On top of that total is the priceless asset of Pat’s answers to your investing questions, which would amount to thousands of dollars if we could put a monetary value on it.

AND your exclusive Inner Circle Concierge for any questions or comments you have about your Membership.

For all of the benefits you receive now and in the future, the Membership fee does not add up to $4,000 or $5,000. It doesn’t match the $2,574 annual value of the services you get. In fact, you don’t even pay as much as $1,000.

Your Membership is just $987 per year. Or, just $98 per month.

Become one of the best-informed investors in the world. Discover every exciting investment opportunity as it comes along. Join this unprecedented investment group.

I speak on behalf of my entire investment team when I say we look forward to helping you prosper through the vital years ahead. I thank all those who have shown faith in us in the past and invite you to enjoy the benefits of all that we have to give in the years ahead.



Pat McKeough
Founder and President
Inner Circle Pro