Capital Gains Canada: 7 Secrets for Managing Your Canadian Capital Gains Tax Liabilities

In this free special report, you’ll discover how to structure your investment portfolio in a way that could save you thousands of dollars. Capital Gains Canada: 7 Secrets for Managing your Canadian Capital Gains Tax Liabilities will show you how capital gains are taxed, what this means to your investments, and how you can use this powerful knowledge to keep more money in your pocket at tax time.

Dear Canadian investor,

If you’re looking for straightforward advice on cutting your tax bill, you really shouldn’t be without our free report, Capital Gains Canada: 7 Secrets for Managing your Canadian Capital Gains Tax Liabilities.

My name is Pat McKeough, and I want to show you how this special report could save you thousands of dollars in taxes on your investments. Best of all, these 7 powerful secrets are perfectly legal — and applying them to your portfolio couldn’t be easier.

In the pages of this one-of-a-kind report, you get my plain-English answers to some of the many questions surrounding the often-confusing subject of Canadian capital gains taxes. Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • A simple way to understand Canadian capital gains tax and how it affects your investments. Getting a firm grasp of capital gains can help give you a leg up on the tax man and save you thousands.
  • How RRSPs can actually cost you money. RRSPs are a crucial part of retirement planning, and are often promoted as the best tax shelter in an investor’s arsenal. However, you can actually save more money on your capital gains taxes by keeping certain types of investments outside of RRSPs. Don’t miss this little-known secret.
  • How your principal residence can save you capital gains taxes. Real estate is one of the few areas left that allows investors to avoid paying capital gains taxes. Learn how to effectively use this secret in the pages of this new special report.

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Smart tax planning begins with downloading this free report.

From years of experience as a stock analyst and financial-newsletter publisher, I’ve come to understand how confusing issues of taxation can be to all investors, whether they’re experienced or just starting out.

Believe me, there are no stupid questions. And while you should always consult a tax professional before claiming certain deductions, there are a number of easy solutions to cutting your capital gains taxes that many investors overlook when filling out their tax returns. If you continue to miss out on these breaks year after year, you could be losing out on thousands of dollars in tax savings!

That’s why I wrote Capital Gains Canada: 7 Secrets for Managing Your Canadian Capital Gains Tax Liabilities. Download your copy right now and you’ll gain valuable insights into these important issues:

  • Changes to charitable-donation laws that can help cut your capital gains taxes and maximize the size of your donation. This secret actually amounts to a double benefit for you — and a windfall for your favourite charities.
  • Are you better off holding mutual funds inside or outside of your RRSP? The answer may surprise you.
  • The little-known deductions you can make against your taxable capital gains.This must-read secret could save you a bundle on your taxes for years to come.
  • The tactic you can use to delay taxes and lower them at the same time.This can’t-miss strategy couldn’t be easier to put into practice.

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Rock-solid Canadian capital gains tax advice from a source you can trust

Capital Gains Canada: 7 Secrets for Managing Your Canadian Capital Gains Tax Liabilities is a gift to you from TSI Network and me, Pat McKeough.

I’ve been a professional investment analyst for nearly three decades. I’ve got a passion for helping investors like you who share my conservative investment philosophy.

You may know me from my many TV appearances, guest columns in Canada’s top newspapers, or from my best-selling 1993 book Riding the Bull, which predicted the stock-market boom that happened later in the decade. Perhaps you’ve seen one of my four newsletters for conservative investors (you may even be a subscriber). Or maybe you’ve been following my free daily updates on TSI Network.

Columnist Peter Brimelow, writing on U.S.-based Dow Jones Co. web site, recently wrote about my “long, successful record.”

Financial Post columnist Jonathan Chevreau wrote: “Pat McKeough is one of a select few commentators who stands out from the many shills, flacks and frauds who inhabit the investment universe. The extent of my personal investment advice is to heed the advice of this gentleman.”

Much as I appreciate these kind comments, numbers speak louder. My conservative growth portfolio rose 383.9% since 1995 (164.1% above the 219.8% gain of the S&P/TSX), prompting both CBS MarketWatch and The Hulbert Financial Digest to recognize me as one of North America’s top stock analysts.

Now my free gift to you, Capital Gains Canada: 7 Secrets for Managing Your Canadian Capital Gains Tax Liabilities, is just waiting for you to download it.

This free report is my way of introducing you to the broad base of investment knowledge you get in our newsletters and investment services, and on If you like it, perhaps you’ll want to subscribe to one of our newsletters. If not, you can still take advantage of our free daily newsletter.

Here’s just a small sampling of the topics you’ll read about:

  • 9 secrets to profiting from junior mines;
  • How to cut your tax on capital gains — and keep more of your money working for you;
  • 5 powerful stock trading tips for higher long-term returns;
  • The ins and outs of tax free savings accounts (TFSAs);
  • How to spot technology stocks that are poised to soar
  • And many more…

You’re under no obligation of any kind, and you may discontinue these updates at any time with the simple click of a mouse. Guaranteed!

So that’s our free, no-obligation, no-hassle offer.

Now, are you ready to give yourself an advantage over the tax man?

If you want to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket at tax time, if you are ready to learn the secrets of structuring your portfolio in a way that will cut your capital-gains taxes to the bone, please click the button below.

Yours for safe and profitable investing,
Pat McKeough
Pat McKeough
Editor and Publisher
The Successful Investor

P.S. If you can’t decide whether to accept our free gift, please consider this:

There are generally two reasons why you might hesitate … but these are the same reasons you should download our free special report, Capital Gains Canada: 7 Secrets for Managing Your Canadian Capital Gains Tax Liabilities, right now.

Reason #1: You’re curious about how you might better manage your Canadian capital gains tax liabilities, but think it may be too confusing or intimidating. Or you’re concerned that you may have to spend a lot of money on a professional tax advisor. We provide clear, commonsense information that helps drive out intimidation and anxiety.

Reason #2: You’ve never heard of Pat McKeough and The Successful Investor newsletter before. Check us out. Literally thousands of other investors rely on us and attest to our integrity.

Bottom line: In order to make sure you save as much money as possible on your tax bill, you must have a firm grounding in Canadian capital gains tax liabilities. That’s why you’ll want to download our free report, Capital Gains Canada: 7 Secrets for Managing Your Canadian Capital Gains Tax Liabilities, and get started right now. Here’s how:

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