Stock Pickers Digest advisory has now become TSI Power Growth Investor

It means greater focus on aggressive, high-return investments . . . yet still coupled with our conservative risk-avoidance practices.

With Power Growth Investor you’ll receive:

  • A fresh new selection of growth stocks—more technology (like 5G mobile) and more issues benefiting from global trends, such as wellness, environmentalism and ecommerce
  • More recommendations from the booming cannabis industry—but still accompanied by our traditional skepticism
  • You’ll like our new “Steer Clear of This Growth Stock” section to warn you from investing in risky businesses (like Tesla!)
  • You’ll also love our new Power Growth 50 and other stock charts, full of valuable performance track records and projections—to make you a smarter growth investor.

If you have any questions about our Power Growth Investor service, please feel free to drop us an email at or call our Customer Service Desk at 1-888-292-0296.

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Yours for safe and profitable investing,


Pat McKeough
Editor, Founder and Publisher,
Power Growth Investor