Discover how you can achieve higher profits in aggressive investing — without taking unnecessary risks

Here’s what my special advisory on more aggressive investing can help you do:

  • Capture huge profits, even in today’s volatile market, without investing in futures, options, derivatives or other highly risky and speculative investments.
  • Zero in on the rising stocks that have the market share, the technology, the sound management and the hidden assets to become big winners for you.

Dear fellow investor,

There’s a good reason why so many Canadian investors are glad they tried the more aggressive recommendations in Stock Pickers Digest. Those recommendations can produce a big jump in the value of their investments.

I value safety first in investing. That’s why we get so many explosive results with our aggressive stocks in Stock Pickers Digest.

There’s no contradiction in this. When your aim is a balanced portfolio built on a solid foundation, you seek out lasting value. With our experience, we find the stocks that will take off and keep on rising, and avoid the stocks whose weakness means a quick rise is sure to give way to an even faster fall.

With this approach, I can promise consistently strong stock picks. And stock picks that reward investors for years. Witness the spectacular performance of our best Aggressive Stock of 2012.

Quebec-based convenience store Alimentation Couche-Tard (Toronto symbol ATD.B) is probably better-known to investors now than it was when we made it our top pick. It shot up 59.8% the first year. And that proved to be a modest beginning.

The stock has come through several market upheavals and a 3-for-1 split in April 2014—and has risen 473.3% since we made it our top Aggressive Stock in January 2012.

Stock Pickers Digest lets you select different types of stocks. Our picks may be small caps or mid-caps or even large cap stocks. They could be established companies or juniors. They could be financial stocks different from the big banks and insurance companies, like Broadridge Financial Solutions. It’s up 64.3% in two years in spite of volatile markets, and still yields close to 2% on its dividend.

Or you will find often-overlooked stocks like WestJet Airlines, which has risen 188.4% since we first made it a buy six years ago, despite the very cyclical nature of the airline business (and its dividend yields 2.5%).

Hidden value—maximize gains with less risk

Our approach is unique. I call it a conservative approach to aggressive investing. Our goal is to put you in position to maximize your gains with the minimum of risk.

And, time after time, we have recommended stocks that produced enormous gains even in the most volatile markets. That’s a great risk-reward proposition.

We seek out hidden value. These are assets that don’t always show up on the balance sheet, but make a company ripe to soar—or attract takeover bids.

We’ve had many picks soar on takeovers. Aastra Technologies was our Pick of the Month in October 2013. By the end of the year it had more than doubled on a takeover bid from Mitel Networks, rising 104%. Tim Hortons was our top pick for August 2014. A month later, the stock jumped on Burger King’s takeover bid. When the bid closed in December 2014, it had gained 65%.

Here is exactly how Stock Pickers Digest can help you achieve bigger returns.

4 ways you will benefit immediately from my conservative approach to aggressive investing

#1: Stock Pickers Digest helps you avoid unnecessary risk. My approach to aggressive investing is based on finding stocks with value. I’m not interested in stocks with a “good story” or high-flying stocks that plummet as quickly as they rise. We have demonstrated that by taking a more conservative approach to aggressive investing, you can make large profits without undue risk.

#2: Stock Pickers Digest is not limited to any one type of investment. Our picks may be small caps or mid-caps or even large cap stocks. They could be well-established stocks or junior stocks or even the occasional new issue. They could be oil or gold stocks, Canadian or U.S. stocks. All that matters is that we see the potential for big profits—without big risk.

#3: You get my updates and recommendations between issues every week on the Stock Pickers Digest Email Hotlines. You get late-breaking news on the stocks we’re following for you. Things can change quickly with aggressive stock picks and you will know immediately what is happening and whether it affects our recommendation.

#4: In every issue of Stock Pickers Digest you get our Pick of the Month, the stock we believe has the most potential for big gains in the days and months ahead. Plus we give you a full analysis of all the stocks we cover and important insights into the economy and the markets and how they will affect those stocks. My job is not just to make buy or sell recommendations, but to help you become a more experienced and confident investor

I would be pleased to share this unique approach to investing with you every month in Stock Pickers Digest. With this special advisory, you can profit from:

  • Our Stock Pick of the Month in every issue, all 12 months of the year. You discover the growing stock we believe has the best opportunity to surge in the months ahead.
  • Specific advice you can act on for up to 20 more stocks< we feel have exceptional potential for big growth, all accompanied by our clear buy-hold-sell recommendations—in every issue of Stock Pickers Digest.
  • A clear choice of buy or sell for all of the aggressive stocks we cover for you including rising tech stocks, Canadian mining stocks, Canadian growth stocks and many more.
  • Knowing which stocks are making important moves in your weekly Email Hotline from Stock Pickers Digest.
  • Free unlimited browsing in a large online library of valuable stock information and advice with the past 10 years of back issues of Stock Pickers Digest—at no extra cost whatsoever.

Stock Pickers Digest was created to uncover stocks like this, hidden from the attention of most investors, but with big growth ahead of them.

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