These market leaders cut your tech risk

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The five tech stocks covered here operate in highly cyclical fields. That makes them vulnerable to a slowing global economy. However, each is a leader in its market. That gives them the financial strength to adapt to rapid changes posing a threat their dominance. We have a high opinion of all five, and see four are buys for investors right now. MICROSOFT CORP. $139 (Nasdaq symbol MSFT; Aggressive Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares o/s: 7.6 billion; Market cap: $1.06 trillion; Price-to-sales ratio: 8.5; Dividend yield: 1.5%; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; is the world’s largest computer software company as well as its largest publicly traded firm by market cap. Its Windows operating system powers about 85% of the world’s personal computers. Microsoft’s other main product—its Office suite, which includes a word processor (Word), spreadsheets (Excel) and slide presentations (PowerPoint)—controls over half of its market. The company continues to benefit from its 2014 decision to use an online subscription model (cloud computing) to sell…

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