Value Stocks

What are value stocks?

One of the sweetest and most profitable pleasures of successful investing is to buy high-quality “value stocks” (or stocks that are reasonably priced, if not cheap, in relation to its sales, earnings or assets), then hold on to them as mainstream investors recognize the value and push up the share price.

Value stocks are stocks trading lower than their financial fundamentals suggest. They are perceived as undervalued, and have the potential to rise. Many new tech stocks, for instance, start out as growth stocks and transition into value stocks.

They have a low price-to-earnings and price-to-book ratios—which is why they’re less expensive than growth stocks. Due to this fundamental distinction, a value stock is often traded at a more affordable rate than a growth stock.

To investors, they see companies that fall into this category as undervalued. These investors are less likely to invest in a growth stock because they feel that value company’s stock will eventually reach their full potential once they are recognized by the market.

Generally speaking, the climb is steady for value stocks. The only other way for it to emerge into the market like a growth stock is for it to be a bit more innovative with its products or services.

Pat McKeough is an expert at delving into a company’s financial statements and identifying undervalued securities and value stocks. That’s because value stocks are the foundation of any long term investment strategy, at TSI Network we also recommend our three-part Successful Investor strategy:

  1. Invest mainly in well-established companies;
  2. Spread your money out across most if not all of the five main economic sectors (Manufacturing & Industry; Resources & Commodities; the Consumer sector; Finance; Utilities);
  3. Downplay or avoid stocks in the broker/media limelight.

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Value Stocks Library Archives

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HP INC. $27 is a hold. The company (New York symbol HPQ; Manufacturing sector; Shares outstanding: 1.05 billion; Market cap: $28.4 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 0.5; Dividend yield: 3.7%; TSINetwork Rating: Average; is a leading maker of personal computers and printers.
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