Be wary of predictions

Article Excerpt

Here’s an Excerpt from the May 20 issue of Advice for Inner Circle Pro Members: “The investment business is riddled with conflicts of interest. These conflicts have a way of tainting investment predictions so that they agree with and support sales pitches. Your best defence against this arrangement is to maintain a healthy sense of skepticism. You should feel free to examine and question the basis for a prediction. You need to keep in mind that many predictions make superficial sense. They go wrong by misinterpreting facts, or leaving them out of the discussion altogether. In particular, you should treat economic predictions with a larger-than average dose of skepticism. Economic forecasts attract far more media and investor attention than they deserve—way out of proportion to their value in guiding your investment decisions. That’s true at all times, but especially today.” Click here for more information on the Inner Circle Pro and how members are benefiting. Telecoms AT&T and Verizon have held up well during the pandemic, as stay-at-home orders fuelled strong demand for their Internet…

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