Q: Pat, I have a question for you: what is the Inner Circle’s thinking on Harvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF and its very high yield? Thank you.

A: Harvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF, $8.29, symbol HHL on Toronto, (Units outstanding: 116.0 million; Market cap: $961.6 million; www.harvestportfolios.com), holds a portfolio of 20 large-cap global healthcare companies, selected by the fund’s manager for their potential to provide attractive monthly income and long-term growth.

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Sobeys Inc. $38 – Toronto symbol SBY

Sobeys Inc. $38 – Toronto symbol SBY

Sobeys has undergone significant changes since this article was published in 2006, including its delisting by owner Empire Company LTD. See below for that June 2016 update, following an Oct. 2019 update on Empire.

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