Cannabis in the news August 21, 2019

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News on cannabis stocks and on developments in the industry haven’t let up in today’s volatile markets. Here are this week’s stories that we believe will mean the most to you as a Canadian investor.

1. Ontario was scheduled Wednesday to announce the winners… Read More

Q: Pat, what do you think of Bridgemarq Real Estate Services? It has recently changed its name, but has anything else changed? Is the dividend safe? Thank you.

A: Bridgemarq Real Estate Services, $13.90, symbol BRE on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 9.5 million; Market cap: $132.5 million;, is a leading provider of services to residential real estate brokers. Its network is comprised of 19,046 real estate agents working with 337 broker-owners, who operate 671… Read More

Here’s how to spot the best cheap stocks to buy

Here’s how to spot the best cheap stocks to buy

These key tips will help you spot the best cheap stocks to buy for your portfolio—and avoid the bad ones
It pays for Successful Investors to take an optimistic view of the best cheap stocks when prices appear low—for instance, when stock prices are in the… Read More