Q: Pat, I notice that in Canadian Wealth Advisor you recommended the SPDR S&P 500 ETF. Why would this be better than the iShares XSP, which is hedged to the Canadian dollar. Are they not the same?

A: No one can consistently predict currency movements, but we still feel that most investors should remain invested in U.S. stocks. Note that even if the U.S. dollar should fall against the Canadian dollar, your U.S. stocks can still appreciate in value even while the… Read More

Restructuring at Dream Office REIT will reward investors

Restructuring at Dream Office REIT will reward investors

A three-year strategic initiative has delivered a strong balance sheet with a property portfolio focused primarily on Toronto.

Specifically, a recent series of sales and purchases have lowered debt while improving growth prospects.

The stock trades at 20.3 times the company’s forecast 2020 cash flow.

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