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Q: Hi. Do you recommend investing in Unity Biotechnology (UBX) for long-term gains? Thanks.

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A: Unity Biotechnology Inc., $9.48, symbol UBX on Nasdaq (Shares outstanding: 49.1 million; Market cap: $465.9 million;, is a startup biotechnology company focused on developing medicines to halt, slow, or reverse age-associated diseases. The company is headquartered in Brisbane, California. Unity’s medications target senescent cells (sometimes referred to as zombie cells). Those cells have stopped dividing. They accumulate in tissues and organs, causing inflammation and other problems as we age. The company’s research focus is on what’s called senolytic drugs—medicines that selectively eliminate senescent cells and thereby potentially halt, and even reverse, diseases associated with cellular senescence. Other companies working on senolytic therapies include Oisin Biotechnologies, SIWA Therapeutics and Senolytic Therapeutics. Their therapies, like Unity’s, are in the very early stages of development. UBX0101 is the company’s first product in development and aims to treat knee osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal diseases. The drug is now in Phase II trials. Unity has two other senolytic drugs in development: UBX1967 and UBX1325. Both treat age-related eye…

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