Q: Hello, Pat. Do you have any information about a drug company called PetMed Express (PETS on Nasdaq)? Best wishes and thanks.

A: PetMed Express, $36.29, symbol PETS on Nasdaq (Shares outstanding: 20.2 million; Market cap: $747.0 million, www.1800petmeds.com), is a leading online U.S.-wide pet pharmacy. The company does business as 1-800-PetMeds. It sells prescription and non-prescription medications, and other health-related products, through three main channels: the… Read More

Q: Hi. Do you recommend investing in Unity Biotechnology (UBX) for long-term gains? Thanks.

A: Unity Biotechnology Inc., $9.48, symbol UBX on Nasdaq (Shares outstanding: 49.1 million; Market cap: $465.9 million; www.unitybiotechnology.com), is a startup biotechnology company focused on developing medicines to halt, slow, or reverse age-associated diseases. The company is headquartered in Brisbane, California.

Unity’s medications target senescent cells… Read More