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What is Pat’s commentary for the week of November 7, 2023

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Here’s Part Two of the letter I sent to our Portfolio Management clients in August 2023: Issue 3 (of four disturbing issues troubling many investors today): Communist Chinese ambitions for regional or global domination, through trade growth, military threats in the South China Sea, plus the long-threatened Taiwan takeover This worry has passed its best-before date. In fact, events in Ukraine may make Chinese Communist leader Xi Jinping feel like the proverbial World Trade Center worker who missed the last train into Manhattan on 9/11. By keeping his distance from Russia during its failed Ukraine blitz, China managed to hang on to some U.S. and international goodwill. A decade or two ago, when the media had dropped the “Communist” label, many people felt a sympathy and kinship for China and its people. They were descendants of an ancient civilization, far older than ours. They were going through a demanding period but were on their way to western-style democracy. That good feeling has worn off…