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What is Pat’s commentary for the week of October 31, 2023

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Here’s Part One of the letter I sent to our Portfolio Management clients in August 2023: “Here’s a list of four disturbing issues that trouble many people these days, especially investors. Artificial Intelligence (AI) only crossed the fiction-to-news barrier in recent years, after decades as a staple of Arnold Schwarzenegger films. Others on our list spent decades in the news background and only hit the public eye in the past few years. Some of these issues are already influencing the economy and are likely to increase their impact. Many investors are afraid of where they’ll lead. We feel they have huge positive potential. Issue 1: Artificial Intelligence Media comments on this subject abound, as do surveys. The average person seems fascinated with AI’s potential for good, but wary of its potential for harm. You might say this resembles the atmosphere a decade or so ago when self-driving cars started appearing in the news. In both cases, middle-of-the-roaders were in the majority. Extreme types came up with much…