Q: Hi, Pat. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and advice. Could you update your thoughts on PLU (Plateau Energy) and its latest stock decline? Thanks. Keep up the good work. Take care.

A: Plateau Energy Metals, $0.26, symbol PLU on the Toronto Venture Exchange (Shares outstanding: 79.5 million; Market cap: $20.7 million; www.plateauenergymetals.com), is a Canadian lithium and uranium exploration and development company working in southeastern Peru. The company was formerly known as Plateau Uranium, but changed… Read More

Q: Pat, I would like your opinion on Siyata Mobile Inc. If its new device takes off, would its small market cap make for an easy buyout by a large telecom?

A: Siyata Mobile Inc., $0.42, symbol SIM on the Toronto Venture Exchange (Shares outstanding: 117.3 million; Market cap: $32.4 million; www.siyatamobile.com), is a developer and provider of cellular communications systems for corporate customers. It specializes in connected-vehicle products for fleet vehicles. Its products are marketed… Read More

Q: Thank you for your welcoming email. I’m very happy to join you in the Inner Circle. A year ago, when the price of oil was very low, I reasoned that it had to go up, so I bought Badger Daylighting. I would very much appreciate any advice that you can give me. Thank you.

A: Badger Daylighting, $35.95, symbol BAD on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 35.9 million; Market cap: $1.3 billion; www.badgerinc.com), provides excavating services that are less destructive than methods involving heavy equipment like backhoes. Most of its customers are in the utility and petroleum industries.

Badger’s main product is… Read More

23 top tips for successfully investing in TSX growth stocks

23 top tips for successfully investing in TSX growth stocks

Despite the market volatility of 2019—and their own increased volatility—TSX growth stocks can make excellent long-term investments.

By definition, TSX growth stocks are companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange that have above-average growth prospects. They are firms whose earnings growth has been—or is projected to be—above… Read More

Genworth MI Canada awaits outcome of Chinese takeover bid

Recently a Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle asked his opinion of Canada’s second largest default mortgage insurer.

Overall, says Pat, the company’s fundamentals are sound. With its shares trading at just 8.5 times forecast earnings and a high dividend yield, it looks like an… Read More