Hi: Just wondering about Ag Growth. As the world population grows, I see the farming service industry as highly important. Ag Growth offers an interesting investment opportunity as it is focused on grain storage and handling solutions in markets (Canada and the U.S.) where demand for planting acreage is growing. Thanks.

Article Excerpt

A: Ag Growth International Inc., $39.56, symbol AFN on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 14.7 million; Market cap: $586.2 million; www.aggrowth.com), is a leading maker of portable and stationary grain-handling, storage and processing equipment. Based in Winnipeg, the company sells its products through dealers and distributors in Canada and the U.S., as well as in Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere overseas. In 2015, 42% of its sales came from customers in the U.S., followed by Canada (31%) and international markets (27%). Ag Growth started out as an income trust. In May 2004, it first sold units to the public at $10 each and began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. In June 2009, it switched to a corporation and changed its name from Ag Growth Income Fund to Ag Growth International. The company’s main brands include: Batco (crop conveyor belts), Wheatheart Manufacturing (grain-handling equipment), Westfield Industries (portable augers to transfer grain), Grain Guard and Keho (aeration and grain-drying equipment), Twister (grain bins), and Mepu (grain-drying systems). Ag…

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