Juniors to Giants: The Complete Guide to Mining Stocks

The complete guide to picking the best Canadian mining stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange

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What you need to know about mining stocks in the 21st century

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Dear Canadian investor,

Compared to other sectors, resource and Canadian mining stocks are particularly risky because their performance depends on the price of the commodity they produce. Unlike consumer stocks, Canadian mining companies can’t boost demand through marketing. But that’s not the only unique risk they face.

Every day a mine is in production, its assets are being depleted. That means its owner is always looking to replace those resources, either through exploration, or by buying other properties or companies. It’s not uncommon for Canadian mining companies to overpay for assets, especially in times of high commodities prices, or if there are few high-quality assets to purchase.

Resource stocks have generally been below average performers for the past couple of decades. For many investors, the plunge since mid-2015 in the price of oil was the proverbial “last straw”, and they are tempted to get out of the sector altogether.

However, resource stocks – both oil and gas and mining stocks — have a history of rising along with long-term inflationary trends.  This gives them a rare ability: they play a crucial role in your portfolio as a hedge against inflation.

Our view is that inflation will eventually revive. Governments around the world may react fast enough to keep inflation under control. However, it’s also possible that when inflation returns, it will go back to the high levels of the 1970s and 1980s. It could even go higher.

That’s why we think it would be a mistake to drop Canadian mining stocks from your portfolio altogether. We’re giving you our best advice on how to spot Canadian mining stocks in this special report, and we’re giving it away for FREE.

You’ll discover…

  1. …the development cycle of a mining project, and each step that affects their profitability.
  2. …how feasibility studies predict the likelihood of mines being profitable.
  3. …the guidelines we use to pick the strongest Canadian mining stocks.
  4. …why gold feeds on economic uncertainty.
  5. …how to tap into gold profits through stocks.
  6. …all we know about Canadian diamond mines

And of course, we’ll reveal our strategy for selecting junior mining stocks that have exceptional profit potential.

Claim your FREE digital copy of Juniors to Giants: The Complete Guide to Mining Stocks now.

5 things you’ll learn about Canadian mining stocks

In this report you’ll learn our how we navigate the speculative waters of mining stocks.

You’ll discover…

  1. How mining stocks can be a hedge-against-inflation
    Both oil and gas and mining stocks — have a history of rising along with long-term inflationary trends.  This gives them a rare ability: they play a crucial role in your portfolio as a hedge against inflation. Discover even more signs for combating the steady creep of inflation!
  2. The keys to finding lower-risk profits in mining stocks
    We recommend that you cut your risk in the volatile resource sector by investing mainly in stocks of profitable, well-established mining companies with high-quality reserves. Discover what we mean by quality lower-risk resource investments.
  3. Why you should avoid penny mines that promote too much
    We recommend that you stay out of promotional penny mines. If they seem like they are spending too much money or press and marketing their latest partnership too aggressively, pull out! Discover the secrets of penny mine promotions that they don’t want you to know.
  4. How we pick uranium mining stocks to invest in 
    There is a long lead time from exploration and discovery to production of uranium stocks. When we’re researching a uranium mining stock, we look for ones that operate in an area with geology that is similar to that of nearby producing mines. Discover the specific locations where the best uranium mines operate from.
  5. Why finding a mining anomaly is a 1-in-1,000 chance
    It is sometimes said that a single drill hole has a 1-in-1,000 chance of turning up an “anomaly,” or a drill result that could be a marker for a mineral deposit. However, the odds against finding a mine on any one anomaly are also about 1,000-to-1. So, the odds that a particular drill hole will lead to the discovery of a valuable deposit are about a million-to-one. Discover how we spot junior miners that have a real chance of striking it rich.

And there’s a great deal more to learn about mining stocks…including a detailed look  at specific types of mining stocks and how you can profit from them.

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Our comprehensive report tells you how to successfully invest in Canadian mining stocks

The resource sector is subject to wide and unpredictable swings in the prices it gets for its products. In the rising phase of the business cycle, when business is booming, resource demand expands faster than resource supply, so resource prices shoot up. This balloons profits at resource companies. When the economy slumps, resource prices fall, and this drags down resource profits and stock prices.

We don’t believe investors should sell off all of their resource stocks and then buy them back when commodity prices rise. The timing of a recovery in commodities is unpredictable. We’ll tell you how long to hold these stocks.

Best Canadian Mining Stocks TSX was developed by TSI’s expert team of analysts and gives you everything you need to know about Canadian mining stocks in these thirteen chapters:

  1. What are mining stocks?
  2. How mining stocks are different
  3. The unique rewards of resource investing
  4. The development cycle of a mining project
  5. Quality and diversification: The keys to lower-risk profits in mining stocks
  6. How to pick quality mining stocks
  7. 7 tips to spot mining stocks with strong potential
  8. Why Gold is subject to big booms — and busts
  9. How to own Gold: Six strategies
  10. Industrial uses set Copper apart from precious metals
  11. Uranium: Positive long-term outlook, but keep the risks in mind
  12. Diamonds: Hard to find … but hugely profitable
  13. Graphite: High-tech uses could propel select junior mining stocks
  14. Junior Mining stocks: Investment quality comes first
  15. Conclusion

In Best Canadian Mining Stocks TSX, you’ll learn how to start investing in mining and resource stocks with the right mindset you need to become a Successful Investor. We see too many investors investing in flimflam mining operations, that always seem to be on the cusp of finding the next mother lode. The investment guidance contained in this report is perfect for any investor that is seeking a real world view of the Canadian mining industry. You’ll see why when you download this report.

  • You will learn what we think about holding gold in your portfolio and the six different ways you can.
  • You will learn why copper is one of the more interesting mining stocks to own and why most investors fail to see its potential.
  • You will learn why investing in the right junior mines can be more profitable than larger operations.

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You’ll discover the process and mindset that will help your mining stock research and investing.

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We invite you to download this exceptional free report right away. We are sure you will enjoy it and profit from it.

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