The Canadian Guide on How to Invest in Stocks Successfully

The complete guide to investing in stocks for Canadians will help you build wealth with a conservative investing approach.

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How to build greater wealth with less risk

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Dear Canadian investor,

The fundamentals of investing are the same for newcomers as they are for established, successful investors. The challenge for everybody is sticking to what works and not allowing investing fads, the media limelight or bad advice from a broker to take you off course.

The Successful Investor has distilled years of experience into this special report. It offers a step-by-step map to long-term successful investing. You can follow it to achieve the greatest success. But investing is just as much about avoiding costly mistakes. The last thing any investor wants to do is to spend long periods of time trying to make up for deep and unnecessary losses.

That’s what you’ll learn in this special report, and we’re giving it away for FREE. You’ll discover…

  • …the 3-part Successful Investor strategy that is core to all of our financial guidance.
  • …the 10 factors we use to direct our investment decisions.
  • …when you should sell a stock and when to hold.
  •  …how we protect our investment portfolios with different safeguards.
  • …how to cut your risk when dealing with aggressive investments.

And of course, we’ll reveal the one piece of investment advice that almost always produces profits!

Claim your FREE digital copy of The Canadian Guide on How to Invest in Stocks Successfully now.

5 things you’ll learn about Investing that are especially helpful for beginners

In this report you’ll learn how our Successful Investing methodology insulates your wealth during inevitable periods when business or the markets are bad.

You’ll discover…

  1. How to profit from stock selection rather than stock-market predictions
    Just because the market is down doesn’t mean it’s time to sell. Investors who succeed over decades—the Warren Buffett’s of the investment world—rarely, if ever, talk about spotting market tops and bottoms.  Discover how selling slowly can make you rich!
  2. Always look past a stock’s price
    Look beyond a company’s share price: It’s a mistake to base your decision to buy or sell a stock on past stock-price performance alone. A stock never gets so high that it can’t keep rising, or so low that it can’t keep falling. Discover what we mean by quality investments.
  3. Why calm investors always win
    Today we face much less risk from animal predators and human marauders. But many people still carry this hair-trigger fear response. We spend more time than we should worrying about things that have very little chance of actually happening—or will work themselves out much less dramatically than some of the more strident commentators would have us believe.  Discover the secrets to becoming a calm and cool profitable investor.
  4. Why accurate economic forecasts are rare
    Certainly rarer than profitable stock-market recommendations. There are simply too many economic factors, and they interact in too many ways. That’s why nobody guesses right every time about next year’s stock market direction, even if they have access to the world’s top economists. Even the best economists can be right on in one year and dead wrong the next. Discover what financial information matters most.
  5. How to find hidden value and assets in the stocks you research 
    Hidden value and assets aren’t usually apparent on a company’s balance sheet. Because this value is hidden, these types of stocks attract far less investor attention than they deserve. That gives buyers a bargain. It may also attract takeover bids. Discover how to spot hidden value and assets and how to profit from them.

And there’s a great deal more to learn about how to invest…including a detailed look at the 10 financial factors you can use to pick your investments.

Claim your FREE digital copy of The Canadian Guide on How to Invest in Stocks Successfully now.

Our comprehensive report tells you how to invest if you’re a beginner

Most investors are happy to build wealth steadily without taking enormous risks. By seeking investment quality and following sound investment principles (like the 3-part strategy detailed in this report), you increase your chances of finding superstar stocks that move faster than average.

They’re also more likely to emerge from a down market by leading their sector in gains. So, there is no fundamental contradiction between making your investments safe and achieving substantial gains. The practices we outline in this report have consistently worked for those who’ve followed them over many years. They have the power to put you on the path to investment success.

The Canadian Guide on How to Invest in Stocks Successfully was developed by TSI’s expert team of analysts and gives you everything you need to know about investing in Canadian stocks in these twelve chapters:

  1. Introduction: How to invest
  2. 10 factors to direct your investment decisions
  3. Starting place: Choose the right person to invest your money
  4. Building a portfolio
  5. Know when to sell a stock
  6. Safeguards for building your portfolio
  7. How to stop worrying and be a better investor
  8. Use stock buybacks to your advantage
  9. Treat economic forecasts with a large dose of skepticism
  10. How to make ‘buy and hold’ work for you
  11. How much cash to hold
  12. Cut the risk of aggressive investing

In The Canadian Guide on How to Invest in Stocks Successfully you’ll learn how to start investing in a way that is practical and you’ll learn the right mindset you need to become a Successful Investor. We see too many investors affected by financial fads and gimmicks that only hurt their long term profits. The investment guidance contained in this report is perfect for new investors looking to profit from the stock market for long term. You’ll see why when you download this report.

  • You will learn what we think about discount brokers and portfolio managers and how each can negatively affect your portfolio.
  • You will learn why you should always be skeptical of a company that grows by acquisition.
  • You will learn why stock buybacks raise the value of a given stock holding.

Claim your FREE digital copy of The Canadian Guide on How to Invest in Stocks Successfully now.

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You discover the process and mindset that will make you profitable in the market for a lifetime.

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We invite you to download this exceptional free report right away. We are sure you will enjoy it and profit from it.

About Pat McKeough

With four decades of experience as an investment advisor, Pat McKeough is the editor and publisher of seven newsletters: The Successful Investor, his flagship advisory on Canadian stocks; Canadian Wealth Advisor for safety-conscious investing; Power Growth Investor for investors seeking stocks that can double, triple or even quadruple in value; Wall Street Stock Forecaster for the best U.S. stocks for Canadian investors; TSI Dividend Advisor with our exclusive Dividend Sustainability Ratings®; Spinoffs & Takeovers his ground-breaking advisory on special opportunities; and Best ETFs for Canadian Investors, a complete survey of ETF investing. He also has an exclusive service for investors seeking greater personal attention and interactive advice with their investments, Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle.

Pat is also the founder and president of Successful Investor Wealth Management, which provides personal portfolio management to a group of private investors.

Claim your FREE digital copy of The Canadian Guide on How to Invest in Stocks Successfully now.


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