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Dear Canadian investor,

Wealth management encompasses a range of services provided by advisors for their clients.

But at its core, a wealth manager helps a client build an investment portfolio to protect and expand their assets and to prepare for their current and future financial needs.

The investment aspect of wealth management typically involves two things: asset allocation of a whole portfolio—choosing between stocks and bonds, diversifying across industry sectors and different countries and so on; and the selection of individual stock investments. Just as important is the planning function of wealth management. That generally involves tax planning around the investment portfolio as well as estate planning.

But how can you discern quality wealth management advice that you can trust, from the onslaught of investment advisors who may or may not have your best interests in mind? That’s what you’ll learn in this special report, and we’re giving it away for FREE. You’ll discover…

  • …the five key indicators we use for picking stocks for our wealth management clients.
  • …the different types of investments we like, and which ones to avoid altogether.
  • …the trouble spots that hinder long-term stock performance.
  •  …how to make room in your portfolio for new buys.
  • …how we use extra value factors—hidden value and other key or overlooked pluses—that help create uncommon returns.

And of course, we’ll reveal our top ways to create more wealth in your portfolio!

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5 things you’ll learn about Canadian wealth management and retirement planning

In this report you’ll learn how our Successful Investing methodology insulates your wealth during inevitable periods when business or the markets are bad.

You’ll also discover…

  1. How conflicts of interests are the biggest detriment to your personal wealth
    Overall, investors lose more to conflicts of interest than to any other single risk. That’s not a comment about the average broker’s sense of ethics. It’s simply a matter of frequency of exposure times risk per exposure. Discover how fiduciary responsibility can save you money .
  2. The revolution brewing in Canada’s brokerage industry
    Canada’s provincial securities commissions are looking at three long-standing practices that help the brokerage industry and securities salespeople, but represent a steady drain on the finances of many investors. Discover what we think about these regulations.
  3. Why you should move your money to safer investments the closer you get to retirement
    These days, more investors suffer from what you might call pre-retirement financial stress syndrome. That’s the malady that strikes when it dawns on you that you don’t have enough money saved to be able to earn the retirement income stream you were banking on.
    Some investors in this situation ask us if we can supply one last can’t-miss trading idea that can make up for the shortfall in their savings. Discover an approach that takes all the risk out of retirement planning.
  4. Why switching brokers is one of most critical moments in your investing life
    We’ve all been exposed to bad barbers, bad restaurateurs, bad schoolteachers, and all sorts of other people who reflect poorly on the rest of their occupation or profession. It should come as no surprise that you can also find bad stockbrokers and bad financial planners/mutual fund salespeople. Moreover, the brokerage industry provides financial incentives that can make it highly profitable to abuse client trust. Discover the right moves to make when your trusted broker retires.
  5. The way we think about financial contingency plans may surprise you
    It’s a good idea to have some financial contingency plans in place at any age, so that someone you trust can take charge of your finances and investments if you can’t handle them yourself. However, it’s best to focus on finding someone you trust thoroughly, and give that person as much latitude as possible. Discover how preordained decisions can lead to financial missteps for your heirs.

And there’s a great deal more to learn about wealth management before you start planning…including what we think about holding off-shore accounts.

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Our comprehensive report tells you how to manage your wealth for life

When we build an investment portfolio of stocks for a client, we start with our three-part Successful Investor approach: Invest mainly in well-established, profitable, dividend-paying stocks; spread your portfolio out across most if not all of the five main economic sectors; downplay or avoid stocks in the broker/media limelight. This, however, is just the start of our Successful Investor investment methodology.

Wealth Management & Retirement Planning was developed by TSI’s expert team of analysts and gives you everything you need to know about wealth management in these sixteen chapters:

  1. What is wealth management?
  2. It pays to pick fewer but better stocks
  3. How we apply our investment philosophy to wealth management
  4. Fiduciary duty helps reduce conflicts of interest
  5. There’s a revolution brewing in Canada’s brokerage industry
  6. Straight-forward advice for a stress-free retirement
  7. RRSP contributions and withdrawals—why RRSP meltdown strategies can actually jeopardize your retirement
  8. 4 ways to make the most of your RRIF conversion
  9. How to shelter your gains with a Tax-Free Savings Account
  10. Stay away from “wrap accounts”.
  11. Why we stay out of index-linked GICs
  12. Here’s why we advise staying out of annuities
  13. Be alert if your broker retires
  14. Avoid “taking money off the table”
  15. Financial contingency plans are great—but pick someone you trust
  16. Offshore investing risks can easily outweight the rewards
  17. Conclusion

In Wealth Management & Retirement Planning you’ll learn how to manage your wealth, why we think you should stay out of annuities and index-linked GICs, and why every investor should get used to unpredictable short-term declines. These are critical skills all investors should obtain. You’ll see why in our report.

  • You will learn why reacting to the market without critical thinking can spell disaster for building your wealth.
  • You will learn how fixed instructions for the disposition of your wealth after you die can lead to terrible financial decisions.
  • You will learn why offshore accounts are more of a risk than a reward.

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About Pat McKeough

With four decades of experience as an investment advisor, Pat McKeough is the editor and publisher of seven newsletters: The Successful Investor, his flagship advisory on Canadian stocks; Canadian Wealth Advisor for safety-conscious investing; Power Growth Investor for investors seeking stocks that can double, triple or even quadruple in value; Wall Street Stock Forecaster for the best U.S. stocks for Canadian investors; TSI Dividend Advisor with our exclusive Dividend Sustainability Ratings®; Spinoffs & Takeovers his ground-breaking advisory on special opportunities; and Best ETFs for Canadian Investors, a complete survey of ETF investing. He also has an exclusive service for investors seeking greater personal attention and interactive advice with their investments, Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle.

Pat is also the founder and president of Successful Investor Wealth Management, which provides personal portfolio management to a group of private investors.

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