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We created our Successful Investor Hotline to keep you up-to-date on our recommendations, and tell you when they change. Now we’ve made our Hotlines available to you on the Internet, so you’ll never need to worry about missing a Hotline. As a subscriber, you can receive our Successful Investor Hotline every week (44 or more times per year) by phone or email. To get the Hotline by phone, simply call the current Hotline number, which appears each month on the top of our front page. You can also email your email address to us, with the name and address under which you subscribe. Just send it once and we will email the full text of the Hotline to you each week, as long as you continue to subscribe. As an additional benefit of being a subscriber, you can always access the last four Successful Investor Hotlines online. So if you are traveling or inadvertently erase a recent Hotline, simply go to to download another copy. The…

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