Dividend Stocks

Dividend stocks make cash payouts that serve as a way for companies to share the wealth they’ve accumulated.  These payouts are drawn from earnings and cash flow and paid to the shareholders of the company. Typically, these dividends are paid quarterly, although they may be paid annually or even monthly as well.

Dividends can produce as much as a third of your total return over long periods, and you can even retire on dividends.

There are 4 key stock dividend dates that are involved with dividend payments:

1- The Declaration Date is several weeks in advance of a dividend payment—it’s when company’s board of directors sets the amount and timing of the proposed payment.
2- The Payable Date is the date set by the board on which the dividend will actually be paid out to shareholders.
3- The Record Date is for shareholders who hold the stock before the payable date and receive the dividend payment. That date is set any number of weeks before the payable date.
4-The Ex-Dividend Date is two business days before the record date and it’s when the shares begin to trade without their dividend. If you buy stocks one day or more before their ex-dividend date, you will still get the dividend. That’s when a stock is said to trade cum-dividend. If you buy on the ex-dividend date or later, you won’t get the dividend. The ex-dividend date is in place to allow pending stock trades to settle.

We think very highly of stocks that have been paying dividends for five or more years, at TSI Network. Many of these stocks fit in well with our three-part Successful Investor philosophy:

1- Invest mainly in well-established companies;
2- Spread your money out across most if not all of the five main economic sectors (Manufacturing & Industry; Resources & Commodities; Consumer; Finance; and Utilities);
3- Downplay or avoid stocks in the broker/media limelight.

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Dividend Stocks Library Archives

Here are two buys with gains ahead

Long-time readers know that we keep you informed of important news about the stocks we cover. That means highlighting developments that promise to brighten their outlook. Here are two that stand out as buys this month:
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These REITs weather the COVID-19 storm

Despite COVID-19’s impact on REITs, we continue to like the outlook for these two trusts. Their high-quality properties should continue to attract tenants without having to offer them deep discounts on rent. That should let them maintain their attractive distributions for investors.

Telus ramps up its 5G

TELUS, $23.01, is a buy. The company (Toronto symbol T; Shares outstanding: 1.3 billion; Market cap: $29.1 billion; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; Dividend yield: 5.1%; www.telus.com) still plans to spend $2.75 billion on its networks in 2020—despite the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
A big… Read More

TRP looks to streamline

TC ENERGY INC., $52.66, is a buy. The company (Toronto symbol TRP; Shares outstanding: 940.0 million; Market cap: $49.4 billion; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; Dividend yield: 6.2%; www.transcanada.com) now aims to simplify its corporate structure with its new offer to acquire full control of TC… Read More

Purchase adds to Calian’s profits

CALIAN GROUP LTD. $66 is a buy. The company (Toronto symbol CGY; High-Growth Dividend Payer Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding; 9.7 million; Market cap: $640.2 million; Dividend yield: 1.7%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Above Average; www.calian.com) pays you a quarterly dividend of $0.28 a.. Read More

Here are key updates on 3 dividend payers

NEWELL BRANDS INC. $17 remains a hold. The company (Nasdaq symbol NWL; Conservative-Growth Payer Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding: 424.3 million; Market cap: $7.2 billion; Dividend yield: 5.4%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Above Average; www.newellbrands.com) recently completed its plan to narrow its focus to… Read More

Buy for work-from-home gains

NORTONLIFELOCK INC. $20 is a buy. The company (Nasdaq symbol NLOK; High-Growth Dividend Payer Portfolio, Consumer sector; Shares outstanding: 600.4 million; Market cap: $12.0 billion; Dividend yield: 2.5%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Average; www.nortonlifelock.com) has two main businesses: Norton computer antivirus software for individuals; and LifeLock… Read More

These U.S. techs offer you reliable income

Businesses have slowed their purchases of new computer equipment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That has weighed on the share prices of these two tech giants. However, recent acquisitions are set to expand their profits—and dividends—when demand recovers.

Green shift will power up their dividends

These two utilities are investing heavily in new green-power projects. The initiatives will help to better attract institutional investors, who are more and more environmentally conscious. The extra cash flow from their green projects will also let them push up dividends for investors.
FORTIS INC. $53… Read More

Molson widens investors’ prospects

MOLSON COORS CANADA INC. remains a hold. The beer brewer (Toronto symbols TPX.A $45 and TPX.B $44; Conservative Growth Payer Portfolio, Consumer sector; Shares o/s: 216.7 million; Market cap: $9.5 billion; Dividend suspended in March 2020; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Below Average; www.molsoncoors.com) last paid a.. Read More

New investments just add to their appeal

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred the shares of these two supermarket operators as consumers stock up on basic foods and other essential products. At the same time, new investments by these industry leaders set them up for more growth—and higher dividends for investors.

Genuine gains from narrower focus

GENUINE PARTS CO. $90 is a buy. The company (New York symbol GPC; Income-Growth Payer Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares o/s: 145.9 million; Market cap: $13.1 billion; Dividend yield: 3.5%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Above Average; www.genpt.com) raised your quarterly dividend by 3.6% with the… Read More

Get steady income from long-term contracts

The best renewable power stocks, like these two, get most of their revenue from guaranteed, long-term contracts. Those deals will let them keep raising their dividends.
BROOKFIELD RENEWABLE PARTNERS LP $70 remains a buy. The partnership (Toronto symbol BEP.UN; High-Growth Dividend Payer Portfolio, Utilities sector; Units… Read More

The ins and outs of … high-yield danger signs

High dividend yields are very attractive to income-seeking investors, especially right now. But you still need to be cautious.
Interest rates are near historic lows, and investors still earn low returns on their fixed-return investments. This leads some to buy high-yield stocks indiscriminately, without looking too… Read More

Beware market lore

Here’s an Excerpt from a recent issue of Advice for Inner Circle Pro Members:
“Market lore can make interesting and worthwhile reading. It won’t bring you any direct or immediate financial benefit, but it can expand your investor knowledge. One of the key things you’ll learn… Read More