Stick with Fair Isaac

Article Excerpt

I still haven’t come across anything to beat FAIR ISAAC INC. $44 (New York symbol FIC; WSSF Rating: Average), our “Stock of the Year” for aggressive investors in 2005. So for now, we’ll let Fair Isaac hang on to the Stock of the Year title for 2006. Our Stocks of the Year, particularly Symantec (Nasdaq symbol SYMC) from 2000-2003 and Autodesk (Nasdaq symbol ADSK) in 2004, have produced great gains for us, averaging 61.6% in the past five years. This record may lead some readers to overindulge in our choice for 2006. Unfortunately, in the stock market, nobody gets it right every time. Our most widely followed stock of the year may turn out to be the one that disappoints. After all, as stock prices rise — and they have been rising for three years — the pickings get slimmer. There are few undiscovered gems these days. It also pays to keep in mind that market downturns have a way of appearing during the…

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