These ETFs offer software-industry exposure

Investing in the technology industry can be hugely profitable. However, companies face tough competition and the industry’s winners can quickly lose out to rivals with newer innovations. Tech stocks can also be very volatile—and negative news can throw them into steep declines. Well-diversified ETFs can… Read More

Diversify with these mid-cap ETFs

For most investors, we still think large-cap companies, or the ETFs that hold them, should form the core of their stock portfolios. However, while a lot of investors look to add a few small companies with high growth potential, many overlook medium-sized companies, or “mid… Read More

Pass on this ETF

3D PRINTING ETF $26 (New York symbol PRNT; TSINetwork ETF Rating: Aggressive; Market cap: $48 million) invests in publicly listed companies involved in the production and distribution of hardware, software and other materials related to 3-dimensional printing.
The manager of the fund, ARK Invest, believe… Read More

Jana: Autodesk holds promise

AUTODESK INC. $136 (Nasdaq symbol ADSK; Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares o/s: 220.3 million; Market cap: $30.0 billion; No divd. paid; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; TSINetwork Rating: Average; is a leading design-software and digital-content provider for companies focused on architecture and land development, manufacturing, power distribution,… Read More



We last wrote about TD Science & Technology Fund in 2010. That was before the strong emergence of ETFs as a low-cost alternative to mutual funds and their pricey active management.

June 2010

TD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FUND $15.13 (CWA Rating: Aggressive) (TD Asset Management, P.O. Box 7500, Station… Read More