Diversify with these mid-cap ETFs

For most investors, we still think large-cap companies, or the ETFs that hold them, should form the core of their stock portfolios. However, while a lot of investors look to add a few small companies with high growth potential, many overlook medium-sized companies, or “mid… Read More

Pass on this ETF

3D PRINTING ETF $26 (New York symbol PRNT; TSINetwork ETF Rating: Aggressive; Market cap: $48 million) invests in publicly listed companies involved in the production and distribution of hardware, software and other materials related to 3-dimensional printing.
The manager of the fund, ARK Invest, believe… Read More

Jana: Autodesk holds promise

AUTODESK INC. $136 (Nasdaq symbol ADSK; Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares o/s: 220.3 million; Market cap: $30.0 billion; No divd. paid; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; TSINetwork Rating: Average; www.autodesk.com) is a leading design-software and digital-content provider for companies focused on architecture and land development, manufacturing, power distribution,… Read More



We last wrote about TD Science & Technology Fund in 2010. That was before the strong emergence of ETFs as a low-cost alternative to mutual funds and their pricey active management.

June 2010

TD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FUND $15.13 (CWA Rating: Aggressive) (TD Asset Management, P.O. Box 7500, Station… Read More

Hi Pat: I would appreciate your comments on Cimatron Ltd. Thank you.

Cimatron Ltd., $6.18, symbol CIMT on Nasdaq (Shares outstanding: 10.8 million; Market cap: $66.5 million; www.cimatron.com), designs, develops, makes, markets and supports computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software. Its customers are mainly in the tool and die and mould-making industries.

The Israel-based firm has two main product… Read More


HEWLETT-PACKARD CO. $42 (New York symbol HPQ; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding: 2.2 billion; Market cap: $92.4 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 0.7; Dividend yield: 1.1%; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; www.hp.com) has raised its quarterly dividend by 50.0%, to $0.12 a share from… Read More

Buy Broadridge, sell Autodesk

BROADRIDGE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS $21 (New York symbol BR: TSINetwork Rating: Extra Risk) (201-714 -3000; www.broadridge.com; Shares outstanding: 125.0 million; Market cap: $2.6 billion; Dividend yield: 2.8%) serves the investment industry in three main areas: investor communications; securities processing; and transaction clearing. Clients include both large… Read More