These three techs help clients cut their costs

Article Excerpt

Rising interest rates and recession fears have hit these three technology stocks particularly hard in 2022, as investors worry a slowdown will prompt their clients to spend less on their products. However, those kinds of cuts would be shortsighted of clients, as the products they buy from these companies make them more efficient. Worried investors should also keep in mind that these three tech giants must immediately write off their research and marketing costs. That hurts their current earnings, even though those outlays successfully keep them ahead of competitors. NVIDIA CORP. $178 remains a buy for aggressive investors. The company (Nasdaq symbol NVDA; Aggressive Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding: 2.5 billion; Market cap: $445.0 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 14.9; Dividend yield: 0.1%; TSINetwork Rating: Average; is a leading designer of 3D-capable video chips; they make video games run more smoothly and appear more lifelike. Nvidia has also adapted its chips for other applications, including artificial intelligence, datacentres and self-driving cars. Nvidia continues to…

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