Buying U.S. Stocks in Canada Provides International Exposure

Buying U.S. Stocks in Canada Provides International Exposure

Investors buying U.S. stocks in Canada can get international exposure—especially when looking at the Consumer sector for investments
For decades, we’ve advised Canadian investors to spread their holdings out geographically between Canadian and U.S. stocks. Our view is that virtually all Canadian investors should have, say,… Read More

Big expansion in Brazil

RESTAURANT BRANDS INTERNATIONAL $56.51 (New York symbol QSR; TSINetwork Rating: Average) (905-845-6511;; Shares o/s: 478.0 million; Market cap: $27.0 billion; Yield: 3.2%) continues to rapidly expand its Burger King outlets in Brazil.
The chain opens on average a new site in Brazil every three to four days. With… Read More

Quality stocks offset doom and gloom

As an investor, you will always find someone forecasting widespread financial calamity. Recessions come and go and the market rises and falls (but mostly rises, at least over long periods). But the dreaded financial calamities always seem to fizzle, like the Y2K computer scare of… Read More

Russia ETF reflects country’s significant risk

Declining commodity prices and international sanctions have hurt the Russian economy. But despite that, the country has proved surprisingly resilient. The economy is on a modest growth path, government finances are in reasonable shape, inflation is under control and the currency has stabilized.
Here is one… Read More