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I recently received an offer in the mail to find out about the “secret gold currency”? How does one get to buy into it? Many thanks.

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The U.S. newsletter publishing business is crowded and erratic, so publishers continually try to come up new gimmicks to lure subscribers. Some publishers have recently taken up the idea of a “secret gold currency” as a direct-mail offer. This is supposed to be a form of gold, but, as the marketing material states: “it has nothing to do with owning gold bullion, gold mining stocks, gold mutual funds, gold options or futures, or any other type of gold investment you’ve likely considered before.” The “secret gold currency” appears to consist of bullion coins that are valued by collectors for more than their bullion content. Modern gold coins issued by countries such as the U.S. (American Gold Eagle), South Africa (Gold Krugerrand) or the U.K. (Gold Sovereign) generally trade at a small premium to the spot price of gold — usually 4.5% or so. It appears the “secret” coins are older. Such coins sometimes trade at higher premiums to their gold content, depending…

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