A major U.S. cigarette firm now holds a significant stake in this Canadian cannabis grower

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Marijuana Producer

The involvement of a cigarette-industry giant will help this marijuana producer expand internationally. It also aims to transfer its partner’s expertise in tobacco product development and commercialization to its own cannabis offerings.

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Visa Inc.’s earnings from electronic payments are up 17.4%

Visa Inc.’s earnings from electronic payments are up 17.4%

This leading credit card payments network processed 33.9 billion transactions in the recent quarter to generate $2.54 billion in quarterly earnings.

The company has reached a major settlement and continues to grow aggressively as more consumers use credit and debit cards instead of cash.

Do You Own Any U.S. Stocks?

Time to see what the best U.S. stocks will do for you

The most successful Canadian investors have at least 20% of their
portfolios in U.S. stocks to build the power of their portfolios.

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How to choose the best investments for children

How to choose the best investments for children

Traditionally, there have been several options for parents and grandparents looking to make investments for children. But here’s how to choose the best investments for children in 2019.
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Trading Penny Stocks comes with lots of ways to lose money

If you think you can make big money trading penny stocks, think again. These shares rarely have significant investment value.

Penny stocks are often traded “over the counter” or on the “pink sheets” (a holdover term from when over-the-counter stock quotes were printed on pink paper),… Read More