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The complete guide to researching, evaluating, and investing in undervalued Canadian stocks and low cost index funds

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How hidden value turns into explosive profits-your guide to value stocks

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Dear Canadian investor,

One of the key principles of successful investing is to buy high-quality “value stocks”—that is, stocks that are reasonably priced, if not cheap, in relation to their sales, earnings or assets. As more investors come to recognize the value of these stocks, they begin to rise. Well-informed investors who recognized the value while the stock lingered at a cheaper price begin to reap the benefits of their foresight.

Canadian value stocks are typically stocks trading lower than their financial fundamentals suggest. They are then recognized by investors as undervalued, and then begin to rise.

Value stocks can test your patience by moving sluggishly for months, if not years. But they can make up for it by rising sharply when investors discover their true value.

Apart from financial ratios, a big part of finding undervalued stocks is about finding hidden value or assets in a company. That hidden value can take the form of real estate, research spending or customer loyalty.

Companies often spin offs or create new companies from internal divisions, or subsidiaries, when they feel it isn’t a good time to sell them outright. Instead, they choose to hand out shares of the new firm to their shareholders. That often results in an undervalued stock—and a great buying opportunity

In this FREE report, we’re giving you our best advice on how to pick the best Canadian value stocks and low cost index funds—we’re even giving away four of our favorite value stock picks.

You’ll discover…

  1. …how to use basic financial ratios that will aide you in your search for value stocks.
  2. …how to look beyond those financial indicators once you find promising value stocks.
  3. …how to discern a stock that has market momentum and which ones have actual value.
  4. …what safety factors we like to see a business have in place when we’re researching value stocks.
  5. …what growth factors we look for in value stocks before investing.
  6. …how to find secret, hard-to-find hidden value in tech stocks.

And we’ll also reveal four of our favourite Canadian value stocks.

Claim your FREE digital copy of 7 Pro Secrets to Value Investing now.

5 things you’ll learn about Canadian value stocks

In this report you’ll learn how to identify the most undervalued investments.

You’ll discover…

  1. How the price-earnings ratios is used to identify value stocks
    The p/e is the ratio of a stock’s market price to its per-share earnings. Generally, the rule is that the lower the p/e, the better, and a p/e of less than, say 10, represents excellent value. Discover how we use the price-earnings ratio in conjunction with other financial factors to determine a stock’s true value!
  2.  How real estate can be a huge indicator of hidden value
    Did you know that when a company buys real estate, the purchase price goes on its balance sheet as the historical value of the asset? Over a period of years or decades, the market value of that real estate may climb substantially. But the purchase price remains unchanged on the balance sheet. Discover the ways real estate can be a huge profit center for companies.
  3. Why a tech company’s growth by acquisition strategy can be a ticking time-bomb
    Companies sometimes grow quickly by buying other companies. Sometimes this growth by acquisition strategy burns through too much capital. Discover how we choose tech companies that have both hidden value and real growth potential.
  4. How to find value in a holding company discount.
    A holding company discount is a well-known phenomenon in finance. It represents a special kind of hidden asset and source of potential profit for investors in holding companies. Discover all of the reasons why holding companies trade at a discount.
  5. Why we think corporate spinoffs offer more value than IPOs
    From time to time, companies set up one or more of their divisions or subsidiaries as an independent firm, then hand out shares in that company to their own investors as a special dividend, or “corporate spin-off.” A number of studies have shown that after an initial adjustment period of a few months, spin-offs tend to outperform groups of comparable stocks for several years. Discover why we almost most always stay out of new issues.

And there’s a great deal more to learn about value stocks, including four value stocks picks that we think you should have in your portfolio.

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Our comprehensive report tells you how to successfully invest in Canadian value stocks

One of the most common investment platitudes you’ll ever hear is that investors should “have a plan (or system) and stick to it.”

This is good advice if your alternative is to invest without any sort of plan. However, unlike the time-tested value investing approach, many of today’s investment plans are not worth sticking with.

Few people wanted to dig through old newspapers, annual reports and other material to get at the data. So more gems are left to be found by those willing to do the work. We give you everything you need to make sound long-term investments and spot the best value stocks available today.

Canadian Value Stocks was developed by TSI’s expert team of analysts, here is a peek at the 10 chapters:

  1. What are Value Stocks?
  2. How to Build your Investment Plan on Solid Value Investing Principles
  3. Look Beyond High Dividend Yield
  4. How to Identify the Most Undervalued Stocks: Financial Analysis
  5. One of the Prime Keys for Evaluating a Value Stock – The Presence of  Hidden Assets
  6. Bonus Tip: How to Identify Hidden Value in Tech Stocks
  7. How to Find Big Value in a Holding Company Discount
  8. A Corporate Spin-off Offers Much Better ‘Value’ than a New Issue or IPO
  9. Four of Our Favorite Value Stocks
  10. Conclusion

In 7 Pro Secrets to Value Investing, you’ll learn how to find value stocks and how to invest in them in the long term. We see too many new investors investing in what they think are excellent value companies only to find out that they’ve invested in one going nowhere. You’ll see why when you download this report.

  • You will learn all the factors a company needs to have in order to become a profitable value investment.
  • You will learn why some tech companies can have both growth and value characteristics.
  • You will learn our four value stock picks that you should consider adding to your portfolio.

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You’ll discover the process and mindset that will help your value investing research.

In addition to this free report, you also have the opportunity to get free delivery of our TSI Wealth Daily newsletter. You will receive daily stock reports with our recommendations, investment tips and answers to investment questions.

We invite you to download this exceptional free report right away. We are sure you will enjoy it and profit from it.

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With four decades of experience as an investment advisor, Pat McKeough is the editor and publisher of seven newsletters: The Successful Investor, his flagship advisory on Canadian stocks; Canadian Wealth Advisor for safety-conscious investing; Power Growth Investor for investors seeking stocks that can double, triple or even quadruple in value; Wall Street Stock Forecaster for the best U.S. stocks for Canadian investors; TSI Dividend Advisor with our exclusive Dividend Sustainability Ratings®; Spinoffs & Takeovers his ground-breaking advisory on special opportunities; and Best ETFs for Canadian Investors, a complete survey of ETF investing. He also has an exclusive service for investors seeking greater personal attention and interactive advice with their investments, Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle.

Pat is also the founder and president of Successful Investor Wealth Management, which provides personal portfolio management to a group of private investors.

Claim your FREE digital copy of 7 Pro Secrets to Value Investing now.


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