7 Winning Strategies for Dividend Investors

Dividend stocks are your most reliable investments in all markets—and this free report is your complete guide to successful dividend investing in top Canadian dividend stocks

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How to build long-term profits with the right dividend stocks

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Dear Canadian investor,

Dividends are far more reliable than capital gains. That’s the secret to turning an average investment portfolio into a fast-growing one. Pat McKeough reveals his systematic approach to finding the best dividend stocks in this comprehensive report.

With dividend stocks you get three big advantages:

  1. You can count on dividends to provide as much as one third of your total return.
  2. Dividends can grow even when stock prices do not. Top dividend stocks do their best to maintain their dividend payouts and increase them whenever possible.
  3. Dividends are a sign of investment quality. If you only buy stocks that pay dividends, you’ll automatically stay out of almost all the market’s worst stocks.

Dividends make an important contribution to your long-term gains, and expose you to less risk than stocks that don’t pay dividends. That’s why we believe the majority of your stocks should always be dividend payers. And strong portfolios are built on a foundation of the best Canadian dividend stocks.

Claim your FREE digital copy of 7 Winning Strategies for Dividend Investors now.

This report is your complete guide to getting the most from dividend stocks—what you need to know when you buy them, the different ways you benefit from buying the right stocks, and how to decide which dividend stocks are right for you.

Why should you read 7 Winning Strategies for Dividend Investors?

Everything you need to know about dividend stocks as a Canadian investor is packed into our free report. This special report begins with a succinct explanation of what dividends are and how you can distinguish safe and potentially growing dividends from those that may be threatened.

You’ll discover these 4 important keys to dividend investing:

  1. Dividend yield
    Not all dividend stocks are created equal. To determine the potential value of a dividend, most investors look at dividend yield. In this report, you will see how to identify an attractive yield—and how to tell when the yield may signal danger ahead.
  2. The dividend payout ratio
    One way to establish whether a stock will keep paying its dividend is to consider the payout ratio. That is, what portion of earnings are allotted to dividends. In our report, you get specific guidelines on how to spot a healthy payout.
  3. Favourable tax treatment
    You will be taxed on your Canadian dividend stocks unless they’re in an RRSP, but you will get favourable tax treatment as a Canadian resident thanks to the dividend tax credit. We explain the detail and the advantages.
  4. A record of success
    The historical records show that dividend-paying stocks outperform other stocks consistently over time. For instance, they account for over 40% of the S&P 500’s total returns since 1929. We give you more proof that investors who ignore dividends rob their portfolios of earning power.

And there’s a great deal more…including a selection of the best Canadian dividend stocks we recommend for buying now.

Claim your FREE digital copy of 7 Winning Strategies for Dividend Investors now.

A diverse list of the best Canadian dividend stocks

Our free report identifies a group of dividend stocks we have as buys. Each appeals to a different type of investor, yet all would fit profitably into a well-balanced portfolio for Canadian investors. 

You will have all the knowledge you need about buying the best dividend stocks at your fingertips. Claim your FREE digital copy of 7 Winning Strategies for Dividend Investors now gives you everything you need to know in these chapters:

  1. Dividends explained – what are they?
  2. Measuring dividends: Dividend Yield
  3. Sustainability: the Dividend Payout Ratio
  4. Favourable Tax Treatment for Canadian Dividends
  5. Dividends: The Historical Record
  6. Why the Best Dividend Stocks are Your Most Reliable Investments
  7. Benefits from Knowing Your dividend Dates
    1. Plus: The low odds of a “dividend capture” strategy paying off
  8. Rely on Dividend Stocks—But Not to Extremes
  9. The Limits of Judging a Company by its Dividend
  10. The Pros and Cons of Dividend Reinvestment Plans
  11. A Retirement Built on Dividends, and Time Well Spent
  12. Four Favourite Dividend Stocks & One Trust:
    1. Our Safety-Conscious Pick
    2. Our Conservative Canadian Pick
    3. Our More Aggressive Pick
    4. Our Wall Street American Pick
    5. Our pick among Real Estate Investment Trusts
  13. Conclusion

In our report, you also learn the nuts and bolts of buying dividend stocks. You see how to benefit from knowing your dividend dates, and why one highly-touted strategy built around dividend dates is something most investors should avoid!

Pat also shows you how to make the most of dividend stocks by avoiding the pitfalls that come from overestimating some income-paying stocks. He tells you how to separate dividend stocks that are most likely to sustain and raise their dividends from those whose dividends are at risk.

Pat also looks at the pros and cons of Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs). While these company plans offer some distinct advantages for investors, they don’t offer quite as big an advantage as they did a few years ago. And they should not be the main factor in choosing which dividend stocks to buy. Our report explains why.

How the best Canadian dividend stocks enhance your retirement

Plus our report talks about the very important role dividends play in your retirement. But it’s a different role than many people think, says Pat.

Yes, it’s a good idea to confine your stock purchases in retirement to stocks that have a strong dividend record, but there are times when capital gains will be just as “spendable.” You’ll find out why in our report.

Pat also explains why, in retirement even more than in your earlier investing career, your approach should not simply be “buy-and-hold”, but “buy and watch carefully.”

Claim your FREE digital copy of 7 Winning Strategies for Dividend Investors now.

Best buys in dividend stocks from each of our investments newsletters

We conclude this special report with a selection of our best buys from all four of our newsletters, The Successful Investor, Stock Pickers Digest, Canadian Wealth Advisor and Wall Street Stock Forecaster. That gives you our picks of the best Canadian dividend stocks for conservative, safety-conscious and aggressive investors—including one of Canada’s few remaining income trusts. Plus you get one of the U.S. dividend stocks we like best for the years ahead.

Our special report gives you the knowledge, advice and specific recommendations you need to build a strong, growing portfolio with the best Canadian dividend stocks.

When you download this free report, you get clear, easy-to-follow advice on how to profit from dividend stocks—and more. You discover the safety-first investment system that Pat McKeough has developed to help investors profit for four decades. Pat’s investment philosophy helps protect your money in periods of market turbulence, and profit when the market rises.

In addition to this free report, you also have the opportunity to get free delivery of our TSI Wealth Daily newsletter. You will receive daily stock reports with our recommendations, investment tips and answers to investment questions.

I invite you to download this exceptional free report right away. I am sure you will enjoy it and profit from it.

About Pat McKeough

With four decades of experience as an investment advisor, Pat McKeough is the editor and publisher of four newsletters: The Successful Investor, his flagship advisory on Canadian stocks, the Canadian Wealth Advisor for safety-conscious investing, Power Growth Investor for investors seeking stocks that can double, triple or even quadruple in value, and Wall Street Stock Forecaster for the best U.S. stocks for Canadian investors. He also has an exclusive service for investors seeking greater personal attention and interactive advice with their investments, Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle.
Pat is also the founder and president of Successful Investor Wealth Management, which provides personal portfolio management to a group of private investors.

Claim your FREE digital copy of 7 Winning Strategies for Dividend Investors now.


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