The Highs and Lows of Marijuana Stocks

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Dear Canadian investor,

In the ramp up to Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis use, readers are increasingly interested in related investment opportunities.

As soon as marijuana stocks became headline news, investors and the media turned to TSI for our advice on this new class of “growth” stocks. The Globe & Mail, CBC Business and Canadian Business were just three of the outlets that sought our opinion.

Now we have put our insights and advice into one blockbuster report on marijuana stocks.

In this FREE report, we assess the outlook for the marijuana industry. And we answer the question: Should you make marijuana stocks a part of your stock portfolio?

Plus we give our specific recommendations on Canada’s three top marijuana stocks.

Plus we reveal the names of five established stocks that will profit from the marijuana craze without actually growing marijuana.

And we identify two investments that may be the most risk-free way to invest directly in marijuana stocks

Before you invest in marijuana stocks, you need to know the future that faces marijuana producers, the competition they face from larger, established stocks and the prospects for both recreational and medical marijuana.

Claim your FREE digital copy of The Highs and Lows of Marijuana Stocks now.

While the federal government’s new legislation has already spurred marijuana production, we believe investors should remain wary of over-valued marijuana stocks and potential stock promotions.

The federal government introduced its bill to legalize recreational marijuana use in April 2017. It hopes to have that new legislation in place by July 2018. As you probably know, several U.S. states have already decriminalized or legalized marijuana use and have begun authorizing legal production and sale of the plant. Other U.S. jurisdictions are likely to follow.

In this FREE report, we outline the obstacles marijuana producers will face before the long-term winners in the field emerge—including the need for fast growth if they want to live up to their high market caps.

Our comprehensive report tells you how to tell the contenders from the pretenders in the race to profits in this new and growing industry.

You will have all the knowledge you need about the future of marijuana stocks at your fingertips. Claim your FREE digital copy of Best Canadian ETFs: Canadian ETFs vs Mutual Funds, Canadian Index Funds, Canadian ETF Screener and More now gives you everything you need to know in these chapters:

Longer term, the federal government’s plans to expand the legalization of marijuana in Canada remains a considerable threat to licensed producers. They depend on a heavily regulated market.

Share prices of many Canadian marijuana producers have soared since mid-2016. Their speculative appeal has attracted investors looking for a ground-floor opportunity. However, the pioneers in an industry are not always the ones who survive. That’s worth remembering: think before you invest.

In our FREE report, you get our frank assessment of Canada’s three leading marijuana stocks by market cap, and whether they have the potential to fulfill their early promise with sustained growth.

Claim your FREE digital copy of The Highs and Lows of Marijuana Stocks now.

Our FREE report shows you how to profit from the growing market for marijuana without investing in stocks exposed to the full risks of marijuana production.  

It’s difficult to predict which marijuana producers coming on the scene will move up on speculative momentum, and which will crash.

But it is certain that overall marijuana production will keep expanding rapidly. So we show you a better way to profit.

We name five companies that seem certain to profit from the growing trend in marijuana use no matter which marijuana producers thrive. All have a solid base of other businesses and sound prospects. Don’t miss this extra value in these special recommendations.

PLUS our Free report contains an Investor Bonus on “Pot-of-Gold” stocks

While the marijuana industry now has a number of established producers, in the early days of de-criminalization we saw many highly speculative “pot-of-gold” penny stock promotions. These typically arise in new industries.

We advise staying out of stock promotions of Canadian marijuana stocks or anything else. Stock promotions attract the wrong kind of people. It is a take-the-money-and-run type of business. Most successful entrepreneurs value their reputations, and want to build a profitable, sustainable business that can pay off for investors. So, they generally go in to some other line of work, and stay out of stock promotion, which is a good thing in the stock market.

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When you download this free report, you get clear, easy-to-follow advice on how to avoid the pitfalls and find the profits in marijuana stocks—and more. You discover the safety-first investment system that Pat McKeough has developed to help investors profit for four decades. Pat’s investment philosophy helps protect your money in periods of market turbulence, and profit when the market rises.

In addition to this free report, you also have the opportunity to get free delivery of our TSI Wealth Daily newsletter. You will receive daily stock reports with our recommendations, investment tips and answers to investment questions.

I invite you to download this exceptional free report right away. I am sure you will enjoy it and profit from it.

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With four decades of experience as an investment advisor, Pat McKeough is the editor and publisher of seven newsletters: The Successful Investor, his flagship advisory on Canadian stocks; Canadian Wealth Advisor for safety-conscious investing; Power Growth Investor for investors seeking stocks that can double, triple or even quadruple in value; Wall Street Stock Forecaster for the best U.S. stocks for Canadian investors; TSI Dividend Advisor with our exclusive Dividend Sustainability Ratings®; Spinoffs & Takeovers his ground-breaking advisory on special opportunities; and Best ETFs for Canadian Investors, a complete survey of ETF investing. He also has an exclusive service for investors seeking greater personal attention and interactive advice with their investments, Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle.

Pat is also the founder and president of Successful Investor Wealth Management, which provides personal portfolio management to a group of private investors.

Claim your FREE digital copy of The Highs and Lows of Marijuana Stocks now.


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