Here’s your look at three more ETFs for 2021

Article Excerpt

Vaccination plans in the U.S. and globally have spurred a more positive economic outlook for 2021. Still, there are risks on the horizon, like potential delays in the rollout of those vaccines as well as political and trade-war tensions. Here’s a look at three popular ETFs and whether we think they are buys for investors in 2021. VANGUARD U.S. INDUSTRIALS ETF $174.84 (New York symbol VIS; TSINetwork ETF Rating: Conservative; Market cap: $4.1 billion) currently invests in a broadly diversified portfolio of 354 stocks. The the top 10 make up 31.3% of the fund’s assets. Those top stocks are Honeywell (4.1%), Union Pacific Corp. (4.0%), United Parcel Service (3.5%), Boeing (3.3%), Raytheon Technologies (3.2%), 3M Co. (2.9%), Caterpillar (2.7%), Lockheed Martin (2.7%), General Electric (2.6%), and Deere & Co. (2.3%). Industry allocations include Aerospace & Defence (16.6%), Machinery (11.7%), Conglomerates (11.2%), Air Freight & Logistics (6.7%), Electrical (6.6%), Building Products (6.1%), and Construction Machinery (5.8%). The ETF launched in September 2004 and charges a low 0.10% MER…

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