Here’s your look at three more ETFs for 2021

Vaccination plans in the U.S. and globally have spurred a more positive economic outlook for 2021. Still, there are risks on the horizon, like potential delays in the rollout of those vaccines as well as political and trade-war tensions.
Here’s a look at three popular ETFs… Read More

Here’s our view on six popular ETFs

The major Canadian and U.S. stock markets have moved back up since their initial COVID-19 drop. Nonetheless, we think that if you can afford to stay in the market for several years or longer, now is still a good time to buy. We see ETFs… Read More

Strategic acquisitions fuel your dividend

Using acquisitions to expand adds risk, but Stanley’s strong track record of successfully integrating new businesses cuts that risk. Its expanded operations will also let it keep raising your dividend.
STANLEY BLACK & DECKER INC. $157 is a buy. The company (New York symbol SWK; Conservative Growth Payer… Read More