iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF taps global leaders

iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF taps global leaders

A Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle recently asked for his advice on an ETF that tracks this European nation’s top big-cap and mid-cap stocks.

Switzerland has a stable, export-oriented economy, which regularly ranks among the most competitive in the world. Pat notes that the fund… Read More

Q: Hello, Pat. Do you have an opinion on PIMCO Global Short Maturity Fund (Canada) ETF as a parking spot for cash in this rocky and volatile market. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

A: The PIMCO Global Short Maturity Fund (Canada) ETF, $20.12, symbol PMNT on Toronto (Units outstanding: 3.2 million; Market cap: $64.32 million; was recently launched by PIMCO.

Based in Newport, California, PIMCO is one of the world’s biggest fixed-income investment managers. It’s owned by Germany-based… Read More

Q: Pat, when balancing economic sectors in my portfolio, where do I assign these two ETFs that you recommend as buys: XDV and SPY? Thank you.

A: Both of these ETFs hold stocks in most or all of the five main economic sectors: Finance, Utilities, Resources, Consumer and Manufacturing.

The iShares Canadian Select Dividend Index ETF, $24.28, symbol XDV on Toronto (Units outstanding: 57.1 million; Market cap: $1.4 billion;, holds 30… Read More

Two overseas ETFs tap strong international leaders

Two overseas ETFs tap strong international leaders

We think foreign stocks can safely make up 10% of a conservative investor’s portfolio. One way is through exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with an overseas focus.

The best of those ETFs continue to offer very low management fees and well-diversified, tax-efficient portfolios of high-quality stocks. Here’s a.. Read More

Q: May I ask your opinion on ZWB (BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks) and HYGH (iShares Interest Rate Hedged High Yield Bond ETF)? In addition, does “covered call” offer any appreciable advantage over straight bank stocks or bank ETFs? And does the hedging of HYGH add risk or unpredictability versus the “straight” HYG? Thank you.

A: The BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF, $18.62, symbol ZWB on Toronto (Units outstanding: 68.1 million; Market cap: $1.3 billion;, holds shares of Canada’s six largest banks (CIBC, TD Bank, Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank and National Bank) either… Read More

Q: Pat, in the February issue of Canadian Wealth Advisor, you recommended the SPDR S&P 500 ETF. Why would this be better than the iShares XSP, which is hedged to the Canadian dollar. Are they not the same?

A: No one can consistently predict currency movements, but we still feel that most investors should remain invested in U.S. stocks. Note that even if the U.S. dollar should fall against the Canadian dollar, your U.S. stocks can still appreciate in value even while the… Read More