Currency hedging comes at a cost with ETFs

Currency hedging comes at a cost with ETFs

Any currency volatility can send investors hunting for hedged ETFs. But the extra costs limit the appeal of currency hedging.
If you want to buy U.S. stocks and hedge against the U.S. dollar’s movements against the Canadian dollar, you could buy a hedged ETF like the… Read More

We still prefer the spinoff to its parent

The shares of industrial conglomerate General Electric have gained 55% since it decided to split into three separate firms in November 2021. The company now expects to complete the final spinoff in April 2024. While the breakup should ultimately benefit investors, the recent healthcare equipment… Read More

A new buy for aggressive investors

This month, we’re adding Danaher to our Aggressive Growth Portfolio. This maker of specialized measuring equipment and tools is a long-time recommendation of our TSI Spinoffs and Takeovers newsletter, which focuses on spinoffs and their former parent companies.
Danaher has completed three spinoffs since July 2016. Since then,… Read More

Look out for more possible spinoffs

In the past few years, many well-established conglomerates, such as General Electric and Danaher, have spun off some of their smaller businesses to help eliminate a “holding company discount.”
Honeywell did the same in October 2018, spinning off its building products business (called Resideo). Shareholders received… Read More

Good quarter for this new firm

GE HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGIES INC. $74 is a buy. The company (Nasdaq symbol GEHC; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing sector; Shares outstanding: 455.2 million; Market cap: $33.7 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 1.7; Dividend yield: 0.2%; TSINetwork Rating: Average; took its current form in January 2023 when former parent company General… Read More

Danaher’s latest spinoff adds value

Danaher is one of our long-time favourites. In fact, we first recommended it in our October 2017 issue just after the spinoff of its industrial products maker Fortive Corp. (New York symbol FTV). In September 2019, we were again pleased with Danaher’s move to unlock… Read More