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What is Pat’s commentary for the week of April 4, 2023

Article Excerpt

We first recommended video chip specialist Nvidia in the July 2002 issue of our Wall Street Stock Forecaster newsletter. At the time, we liked how it dominated the market for personal computer video cards—players need to frequently upgrade or replace those computer chips to play the latest video games. Over the years, Nvidia has adapted its video chips to handle other uses such as powering self-driving cars. They’re also used to power datacentres, which are massive computing and data storage facilities. Another area the company targeted for future growth were chips to run artificial intelligence (AI) programs that can analyze huge amounts of data and learn to mimic human responses. Nvidia’s shares have jumped 95% since the start of 2023. That’s thanks to the recent industry launch of AI chatbots. (These “artificial intelligence” online programs simulate human conversation to answer complex questions.) The stock is now up a whopping 19,253.9% since we first recommended it as a buy in July 2002 at $20…