Aggressive Stocks Come in Many Varieties

Article Excerpt

Here are three aggressive stocks that have struggled recently for various reasons such as management uncertainty, the strength of the Canadian dollar, too much debt and doubts about their technologies. We still like their long-term prospects, however, and we see them as buys for patient investors who can accept some risk. GENNUM CORP. $11.50 (Toronto symbol GND; Aggressive Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; SI Rating: Above average) is the highest rated stock in the bunch. It makes chips that enhance the quality of video signals, mostly for major TV display makers and broadcasters. This business supplies two-thirds of its revenue. Gennum also makes audio chips for hearing aids and headsets. Demand for high-definition TV sets is growing fast, and Gennum has won several new video chip contracts in the past year. The company’s new audio headsets, which help filter excess sounds in noisy environments, also have great potential. The company is free of long-term debt and has a healthy record of earnings…

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