Q: Hi Pat: I would value your opinion on Glaukos Corporation, which makes an effective treatment for glaucoma. I have had one eye successfully treated and am waiting to have the other one done. There are hundreds of thousands of victims of this disease in the world, and no other treatment is as effective. Please comment. Kind regards.

A: Glaukos Corporation, $41.61, symbol GKOS on NYSE (Shares outstanding: 34.9 million; Market cap: $1.4 billion; www.glaukos.com), develops and markets medical devices and therapies to treat glaucoma. That disease is the result of excessive pressure on the eye’s optic nerve; it’s also the leading cause… Read More

Food makers adjust to changing tastes

Consumers continue to shift to healthier foods, and these four leading food makers are quickly adapting.
Each company now makes more products with low sugar and salt, and all four have cut their costs.
Those moves, along with their well-known brands, should spur long-term growth for each… Read More

Q: Pat: What is your analysis of Glaukos Corp.? It was a new issue in 2015, and I know you don’t like those. Thank you; I appreciate any advice you can provide.

A: Glaukos Corporation, $46.65, symbol GKOS on NYSE (Shares outstanding: 34.3 million; Market cap: $1.6 billion; www.glaukos.com) first offered shares to the public in June 2015 at $18 per share; the share price rose 73.4% in its first day of trading.
Glaukos develops and markets medical… Read More

Growth Stocks: Gains ahead for Russel Metals

Growth Stocks: Gains ahead for Russel Metals

The metal distributor experienced an earnings turnaround in the latest quarter thanks to rising steel prices.
RUSSEL METALS (Toronto symbol RUS; www.russelmetals.com) is one of North America’s largest metal distributors. It serves over 28,000 clients at 51 locations in Canada and 12 in the U.S.
In the… Read More