Q: Pat, can you clarify something for me? When you respond to a question with a comment such as “okay to hold” in your portfolio, are you really saying it’s a “sell”?

A: We continually sift through the Canadian and U.S. markets for stocks to recommend to our clients. Even so, we generally get excited about only a handful—that is, excited enough to recommend them in our publications.

A much larger number of stocks we look at have,… Read More

Q: Hello, Pat. What is your opinion on holding a Canadian-focused small-/mid-cap fund such as the Fidelity Special Situations Fund. Do you think it’s a good idea to hold more aggressive Canadian small and mid-cap stocks?

A: We generally feel that most investors should hold the bulk of their investment portfolios in conservative securities from well-established companies. This means holding a total of 15 to 25 well-established, dividend-paying stocks, chosen mainly from our “Average” or higher ratings, and spreading your holdings… Read More