These actively managed ETFs hold appeal

Article Excerpt

Exchange-traded funds have traditionally offered investors three main advantages: ease of trading, low fees, and transparency. We still believe passively managed ETFs—which simply track benchmark indexes—do the best job of meeting those goals. However, actively managed ETFs, where fund managers tinker with their holdings to beat the benchmarks, are gaining popularity in Canada. At the same time, recent rule changes in the U.S. will encourage fund managers to offer more actively managed ETFs. The supplement on page 90 compares active and passive ETFs. Meantime, here are three actively managed funds we see as buys for investors seeking them out. ARK GENOMIC REVOLUTION ETF $57.91 (New York symbol ARKG; TSINetwork ETF Rating: Aggressive; Market cap: $1.7 billion) invests globally in companies it expects to benefit from the development of products and services meant to improve the quality of life. Those firms are involved in molecular diagnostics, gene therapy, targeted therapeutics, agricultural biology, and stem cells. The fund is actively managed by Catherine Wood, an industry veteran…

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