Dividend vs. Index Investing, or Both?

Dividend vs. Index Investing, or Both?

Take into account various options when you consider dividend vs index investing: Not all index investments are equal, and dividends are a true sign of investment quality.
One big advantage of index funds when weighing dividend vs index investing is that they can help you avoid the… Read More

Emerging funds can offer long-term potential

With the current market troubles, many ETFs focused on emerging markets have dropped more than the overall markets. That’s in large part because a growing U.S. economy and sharply rising interest rates have pushed up the U.S. dollar. This typically results in capital flowing to… Read More

Two new ETFs for Canadian investors

This month we highlight an ETF from Fidelity that invests in companies involved in the development of the metaverse. That’s in addition to an ETF from Horizons that invests in Canadian utility companies.
FIDELITY TOTAL METAVERSE INDEX ETF $9.42 (Toronto symbol FMTV) invests globally in companies that contribute to… Read More

Focus on high yields that are sustainable

High-yielding ETFs have appeal for income-seeking investors. The income they provide can also provide a buffer in declining markets. However, you need to look closely at the strategies that let those ETFs pay their high yields—and whether they are worth the risks.
Below we look at… Read More

Dividend ETFs aim to provide solid income

Rising interest rates mean dividend-paying stocks must increasingly compete for investor interest in fixed-income investments. However, sustainable dividends still offer an attractive and growing income stream for investors.
Meanwhile, dividend-focused ETFs can—but not always—follow strategies that we feel set investors up for maximum long-term gains with… Read More

Not all these ‘award-winning’ ETFs are buys

Each year, major industry associations such as Lipper and Fundata produce lists of award-winning mutual funds and ETFs. Here’s a close look at a few of their top winners.
As well, please check out the Supplement on page 60 That’s where we highlight factors contributing… Read More

ETFs for income—and growth

Investors looking to generate current income from their stock portfolios typically start by looking for the highest-yielding shares. However, exceptionally high yields can be a sign of trouble ahead—they can signal imminent dividend cuts. One way around that risk is to invest instead in stocks… Read More

Q: Pat, I am 75 years old and have a million-dollar-plus investment portfolio, mainly in blue chip, dividend-paying stocks. I recently bought some of the BMO International Dividend ETF. Could you give me your opinion on this ETF? Note—I’ve been an Inner Circle member for years.

A: BMO International Dividend ETF, $19.67, symbol ZDI on Toronto (Units outstanding: 22.2 million; Market cap: $440.6 million; www.bmo.com), offers exposure to a portfolio of high-yield dividend-paying companies in developed market. The fund excludes North American firms, but can include foreign ADRs trading on U.S…. Read More

Here’s three new ETFs directed at Canadians

This month we look at three new ETFs. The first is an actively managed ETF that invests in “frontier” technology companies; they’re selected by a manager with roots in venture capital. The next two funds are ETFs where their managers use a “black box” to… Read More

These ETFs could help you beat inflation

While inflation remains very low, conditions for an eventual uptick may well be building. Those factors include today’s very low interest rates, massive government spending and borrowing to inject money into the economy, growing import barriers, and the higher cost of doing business in a.. Read More