Best of the Healthcare ‘Theme’ Funds

Article Excerpt

While sector or ‘theme’ funds entail special risks, they are much safer than investing in one or two issues in risky fields, such as health care and biotechnology. We feel the bulk of your fund portfolio should be in well-balanced, diversified funds. Should you choose to invest in sector funds, limit your investment to modest quantities. Above all, invest only in funds with proven management and high-quality holdings. Here are updates on two we like: TALVEST GLOBAL HEALTH CARE FUND $16.83 (CWA Rating: Speculative) (CIBC Asset Management, 1500 University Street, Suite 800, Montreal, PQ. H3A 3S6. 1-800-268-8258; Web site: Available from brokers) invests in companies in a variety of segments of the health-care industry. Its selections may include pharmaceutical firms, designers and manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies, operators of hospitals and other health-care facilities, and biotech researchers. Manager Ed Owens also manages the huge $25.6 billion Vanguard Health Care Fund in the U.S. He looks at a firm’s financial strength, the…

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