Three international ETFs a good route to diversification

Three international ETFs a good route to diversification

If you already hold U.S. stocks—and we recommend that Canadian investors have 10% to 20% in their portfolios—you can also diversify beyond North America without the risk of buying individual stocks. Foreign-sector ETFs give you broad exposure to international markets with tax-efficient portfolios and low… Read More

These ETFs tap global water demand

Major cities such as Sao Paulo and Cape Town have come close to running out of water in recent years. This again highlights the urgent need for city planners and governments to consider the implications of population growth, urbanization and climate change on the demand… Read More

Profit from the fintech revolution

The growing use of technology in financial services has produced a high-growth industry—fintech. The companies involved provide a wide range of services, including digital payment systems, data analytics, process automation and investment management.
Here are two ETFs that aim to benefit from fintech. (See the supplement… Read More

These six ETFs offer international exposure

We think foreign stocks can safely make up 10% of a conservative investor’s portfolio. One way is through the selection of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with an overseas focus.
The best of those ETFs continue to offer very low management fees and well-diversified, tax-efficient portfolios of high-quality… Read More